Monkeypox in Colombia: 3,803 confirmed cases reported

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The National Institute of Health (INS) provided the most recent data on the spread of monkeypox in the country and assured that during the last week 74 new cases

Monkeypox in Colombia: 3,803 confirmed cases are reported

Monkeypox in Colombia: 3,803 confirmed cases reported. (Andina)

The National Institute of Health (INS) reported that as of Monday, November 21, 3,803 confirmed cases of smallpox have been registered. monkey in the country Of these, 3,606 people have recovered, most of whom have been from the capital (1,848) and Antioquia (1,051).

The entity could have greater difficulties in monitoring the contagions because80.6% correspond to an unknown source and, according to the data, 11% of the affected population had contact with those whose origin of infection is unknown.

Regarding the cases imported from abroad, 1.7% of those affected correspond to that cause and 2.5% were infected by some contact with that sample group. Likewise, the INS is studying 4.3% of those confirmed infected, that is, 163 people.

The regions with the highest number of infections are Bogotá (1,922), Antioquia (1,097) and Cali (308).

The other cases have occurred in the following departments: Cundinamarca (86), Santander (79), Tolima (49), Risaralda (42), Barranquilla (35), Valle del Cauca (28), Meta (27), Caldas ( 20), Cartagena (15), Quindío (13), Cesar (11), Atlántico (8), Boyacá (7), San Andrés (7), Córdoba (7), Cauca (7), Huila (7), North de Santander (6), La Guajira (5), Sucre (3), Santa Marta (3), Casanare (3), Putumayo (2), Nariño (2), Bolívar (2), Caquetá (1) and Guaviare ( 1).

According to the entity, a total of 6,563 samples have been analyzed for monkeypox, of which discarded 2,330. Currently, the INS is actively monitoring 225 people.

Although Colombia reached 3,803 confirmed cases, new infections from November 15 to 21 were 74. In Bogotá, 18 occurred, in Antioquia 26 and in Cali 20. The other cases were detected in the following departments: Cundinamarca (2), Tolima (2), Risaralda (2), Barranquilla (4), Valle del Cauca (1), Caldas (2), Cartagena (1), Cauca (1), Norte de Santander (3), Santa Marta (1) and Casanare (1).

These are the data provided by the INS:

Monkey smallpox in Colombia: 3,803 confirmed cases reported

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The largest shipment of monkeypox vaccines in Latin America

The last November 10, the Minister of Health, Carolina Corcho, assured that he is still in negotiations to acquire vaccines against monkeypox in Colombia. In addition, he stressed that the number of doses would be the largest shipment of biologicals that a country in Latin America would receive.

“The other State has requested that, until the memorandum of understanding, not to make announcements because this compromises their national security”, explained the head of portfolio in a political control debate before the Seventh Commission of the House of Representatives. He also pointed out that “when it is completed” the country will know the number of vaccines it will receive.

On the other hand, he stated that “monkeypox is important, it has the highest public health requirement, but mass vaccination is not recommended except for contacts of people who have contagion”. She also asked for prudence not to stigmatize those who acquire the virus: “we are doing a pedagogy on risk practices and not on population, which could be stigmatized by these periods of contagion and disease.”