Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

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The activist shared a lesson for each year that has passed since her affair with the former president of the United States came to light

Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

September 21, 1998: Monica Lewinsky with Bill Clinton at the White House. (Photo: Getty Images //Hulton Archive)

Bill Clinton led the United States government from 1993 to 2001. During those eight years, he faced several scandals for his political decisions and Although she tried to keep her private life out of the spotlight, she failed to keep her extramarital affair with her then-intern, Monica Lewinsky, a secret.

The rumors spread in January 1998 thanks to the recordings that a close friend of the former intern presented to the FBI, unleashing chaos internationally, since by then the native of Arkansas had been married to Hilary Clinton for more than two decades. . At first, the 45th president of the United States denied the accusations against him, however, he could not contain the scandal and Lewinsky finally confirmed that they had sexual relations on more than one occasion.

Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

The American politician will turn 77 on August 19, 2023. (Photo: Chris Pedota-USA TODAY Sports)

After 25 years since the scandal broke out for which Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury before the United States House of Representatives, Monica Lewinsky opened up about all the lessons she has learned since her acceptance process and recovery for everything that has happened to date by leaving a teaching for each year that has passed.

You can make the right decision and still regret it. Also, don't judge your inside by other people's outside. (Full disclosure: I learned this from my therapist),” she began in a special article she wrote for Vanity Fair.

The 49-year-old activist hinted that her past continues to mark her present despite the fact that she has struggled to overcome her controversial affair with the former president of the United States. With the help of his therapist, he was able to understand various things that happened in the 1990s and thanks to this, he has a very clear position on what happened, especially regarding the role played by the media.< /p>

Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

“Finding joy, even seeking it, is an essential part of life. You should not wait for joy to find you. (Corollary: Disneyland is still the happiest place on earth),” Lewinsky mused in her article. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

The woman-blaming mentality has receded over time due to social conditioning.

What began in 1998 as “the Lewinsky scandal” or “the Lewinsky affair” (…) underwent a nomenclature update as the years passed. The culture and media accommodated at the insistence of many offended observers and arbitrators, including this [Vanity Fair] magazine, to rebrand the entire narrative as 'the Clinton scandal' or 'the Clinton impeachment' or other slogans. which were more in keeping with the original power. dynamic. (Yes, I'm still on Wikipedia… but there's time),” she added.

The activist also reflected on the level of harassment she suffered and continues to experience, even categorizing it as a means for political gain. He also mentioned that from his perspective the “tabloidization” of news is going through an imbalance due to the accessibility of social networks that “cause a cycle of scandals 24/7.”

Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

"Paul Rudd looks the same. How can it be? & Quot ;, he commented in his text with admiration. (Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

You can't run away from your narrative. Perhaps the most challenging insight I had to come to terms with was that there is no detachment or release from the self that emerged from 1998 (and made the behavioral choices that got me there). You can only try to integrate your former self with as much compassion as you can muster.

Monica confessed that she learned to accept her past in order to continue with her present and future. He admitted that he made several mistakes, but considers that doing so is an essential part of every human being and mentioned that the power of a kind word is extraordinary: “In the deepest and darkest moments of the soul, a simple act of human kindness is something powerful.” .

He also pointed out that it is important to choose friends carefully: “Twenty-five years ago I had one of the worst friends in the world: Linda “Judas, hold my beer” Tripp. While I have since put aside the resentment and bitterness surrounding her and her betrayal, it is not lost on me how lucky I am to have been able to confide in new people.”

Monica Lewinsky: her life lessons 25 years after her scandal with Bill Clinton

July 998. Linda Tripp talking about the recordings that exposed the relationship of her "friend" and the then president of the USA. (Photo: AP Photo/Khue Bui, File)

The activist faced post-traumatic stress when her sex scandal was spread. For that reason, he would have reflected on the importance of taking care of mental health at any age.

“Post-traumatic stress, a relatively new diagnosis in the 1990s, now affects around 6 % of the US adult population at some point in their lifetime, or approximately 12 million people per year, not counting the legions of children with the disorder. I think 'coping with modern trauma' will be 'mindfulness' for the next 25 years,” she stated.

Monica Lewinsky ended her article by acknowledging herself as a survivorfrom one of the biggest scandals of all time: “I don't know how to say this other than to be blunt and unbearably corny: you can survive the unimaginable.”

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