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Moncton is fed up with smells and asks TransAqua to move

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Feb6,2024

Moncton has had enough of the smells and is asking for more ; TransAqua to move

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TransAqua composting facilities, in Moncton, in 2022.


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Monday, the municipal council of Moncton voted unanimously to formally ask TransAqua to consider constructing a building equipped with an air filtration system for its composting operations or to move elsewhere. x27;outside the city.

This is a symbolic vote, as council has no binding authority over TransAqua, also known as the Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission.

The organization reports to the province, but the members of its board of directors are appointed by the municipalities of Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">We are sending a symbolic message that we do not want the collateral effects of their treatment [of wastewater], indicated municipal councilor Daniel Bourgeois.

The TransAqua facilities on Berry Mills Road have been producing compost since 2005. This is made up of biosolids from wastewater treatment, but the drying process has been singled out for several years by residents of the northern neighborhood, who complain of its stench.

Michel Desjardins, outgoing president of TransAqua, attended the municipal council. He affirms that the city's grievances will be taken seriously.

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I am very confident that TransAqua will resolve this issue- there to the satisfaction of the vast majority of people in the neighborhood, without having to take drastic measures, underlines in an interview on the show La matinale.

The bad smells still follow TransAqua.BROADCAST HERE FIRST.The morning show.

Bad smells still follow TransAqua


Listen to the audio (The bad smells still follow TransAqua. 8 minutes 38 seconds)

According to him, the commission will have to take into account the costs associated with any change. TransAqua is funded by municipal taxes from citizens of the three municipalities.

The impact on taxpayers could be significant.

A quote from Michel Desjardins, outgoing president of TransAqua

A city staff report highlighted steps already taken by TransAqua to reduce odors, including training, changes in material handling, purchasing larger tarps, adding lime and transporting certain biosolids elsewhere in the province.

But according to municipal councilor Bryan Butler, who represents the north ward, these measures have not been enough.

This is the first time the council has come out and said: enough is enough, confides Mr. Butler.

The city's resolution is not accompanied by a deadline, in order to allow time for new members of the TransAqua board of directors to familiarize themselves with the file.< /p>

Based on a report by Shane McGee, from CBC, and with information from the show La matinale d'ICI Acadie

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