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MONATIK covered the legendary song “Circling” in Ukrainian

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

MONATIK sang the legendary song


Ukrainian singer MONATIK continues to delight fans with new versions of his songs. This time, the artist translated an old composition into Ukrainian.

The track is already available on all music platforms and has already filled the hearts of all fans.

This composition is special for MONATIK. After all, the track is a symbol of the artist's creativity and style.

In this song, you can feel the artist's signature rhythm, exciting melodic flow and expressive performance that everyone loves so much.

“Circles ” is already available. Incredibly grateful to Tanya Muinho (she created the music video for the song – editor's note) for the fact that once we created this video work in our native Odesa! Dmytro Monatik commented.

Users have already rated the updated version of the hit song “Circling”. Fans of Dmitry Monatik were pleasantly surprised. Supporters noted that the song sounds much better in Ukrainian, so they will enjoy listening to it.

Network reaction:

  • “As if she came back to life again without war ….. cool in Ukrainian!!”
  • “”The endorphins are gone. “Fantasia will send” just now figured out the words. In the Russian version, I thought that the endorphins, the fantasy were gone, but here it has a completely different meaning.”
  • “Great song! Thank you for the Ukrainian language and the spread of Ukrainian culture! “
  • “This wonderful song deserved this correction! It's nice that you dared”
  • “I was really waiting for this song, it sounds cool in Ukrainian too, thanks”
Natasha Kumar

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