Monatic, when I knew, how many pennies I gave for the goodness of the war

Monatik recognized the door, donated pennies for the blessing of the war

Vikonovets Monatik actively helps the Ukrainian army with finances. So a person takes a part in favorable concerts, some of them are rehabilitated for the needs of ZSU and Ukrainians, as they suffered during the hour of war.

Monatik knew that 24 fierce perebuvav behind the cordon. There, a person was actively preparing for future concerts. However, after Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine, the artist immediately turned home and started doing charity work.

< p>Not so long ago, Monatik found out how much special pennies he gave for the needs of the Ukrainian army. Following the words of the artist, he donated 2.5 million hryvnias. About ce Monatik rose in a new interview.

having added to the business, that for the rest of the month, having visited rich countries with favorable visits. Zavdyaki concert “Good evening, mi from Ukraine” Monatika far away took nearly 4 million hryvnia. The person performed with a lot of other artists.

Behind these words, all the money taken was direct from the charitable foundation of Masha Efrosinina. Narazy Monatik continues to work on good rights and actively supports the Ukrainian viysk.