Moles have wound up in NATO, there is a serious data leak

Moles have wound up in NATO, there is a serious data leak

Moles in NATO, serious data leak

Photo from open sources

Hackers are selling secret military documents online, which contain information about modern weapons systems of NATO countries.

According to the BBC, the North Atlantic bloc is studying the extent of this leak and possible consequences.

Intruders managed to gain access to data related to a major European weapons manufacturer – MBDA Missile Systems, a European company headquartered in France.

MBDA has admitted that the package the hackers are selling contains documents that belong to it. However, the company claims that there was nothing secret in the stolen files.

According to MBDA representatives, the information was stolen from a broken external hard drive. The company noted that they are cooperating with the authorities in Italy, where the leak occurred.

“We are evaluating the situation with data likely stolen from MBDA. We do not see any signs of violating the integrity of any NATO networks”, – said an alliance representative.

Stolen data is offered on Russian and English forums at a price of 15 bitcoins (approximately 321 thousand US dollars) for 80 GB.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich