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Moldova announced a partnership with the EU in the security and defense sector

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May15,2024

Moldova announced a partnership with the EU in the security and defense sector

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Moldova announced the signing of an agreement with the European Union on cooperation in the sphere of security and defense. This is to allow the expansion of spray practice in the lower spheres, reports .

Zokrema, a language about spray practice in the following spheres: 

  • increasing durability;
  • cybersecurity;
  • fighting disinformation;
  • assistance to the defense sector;
  • EU missions participate in crisis management and integrated border management.

According to the Ministry of Health of Moldova, Partnership in the sphere of security and defense is a political benefit for the expansion of spivrobіtnitsa. The Chisinau structure of the EU “in the near future is consistent with the goals set forth in the National Security Strategy of our region.”

“The partnership functions like a parasol mechanism Changes for all interactions between Moldova and the EU for such areas such as helping the bloc to strengthen the resilience of our country, cyber security, combating disinformation, helping the defense sector through the European Peace Instrument, Moldova’s participation in EU missions in the face of crises, “integrated cordon management,” said the Ministry of Health. p>

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Natasha Kumar

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