Moldavian macho Dan Balan showing a new look, almost showing it in public

Moldavian macho Dan Balan showing a new look, almost showing it in public

Dan Balana Moldavian Viconian, who is famous in Ukraine for his outrageous sexuality. Yomu was credited with the number of novels with Ukrainian women

Moldavian macho Dan Balan showing a new image, almost showing public

The greatest novel of Dan Balan was the novel with Tina Karol, if they put coaching chairs at the Voice of the Country project. Dan immediately cast an eye on the beautiful Tina Karol and did not hesitate to declare to the whole country about his romantic feelings for Karol. Kozhen efіr suprovodzhuvsya like a wind in the direction of Dan Balan in the direction of Tiny. Star novel and dosі are discussed, thoughts about the bet Tіna and Dan Balan in shanuvalnіv rozіyshli.

After the completion of the “Voice of the Country”, Dan began to be credited with new novels, sometimes it’s decided that I take part in the show “The Bachelor” for the Moldavian macho, for a couple of beautiful girls, so we can get to the heart of the match. That sensitive about the affair with Tina Karol, Balan has already repeatedly asked.

Who occupies the heart of the Moldovan macho?

It seems that the participant of the “Voice of the Country” has again become Dan Balan's new girl. The girl's name is Svitlana Sokolova. Vaughn did not hesitate to post a post in the social media instagram, which Dana described in lower words.


Tsey novel was also talked about in great detail, and they talked about how the beautiful young woman is more beautiful than Tina Karol. Pevno, scho i qi tile turned out to be not true. That is why this novel was forgotten for a year and was not confirmed. And the axis of the young beauty Sokolova took to her heart the partner Nikita Lomakin, who also took part in the show “Voice of the Country” and the team of Tina Karol. Tsikavy love square Viyshov, hello everyone is happy, one at a time, and one is okay