MOE is preparing for the first time to turn on the sirens, and to interrupt the transmission of TV channels across Russia

Domestic emergencies to prepare for include sirens and to interrupt the transmission of television and radio channels that will occur in all regions of Russia. This will be observed for the first time.

МЧС готовится впервые включить сирены и прервать передачи телеканалов по всей России

On appropriate action in emergency situations go to test of alert systems in case of emergencies. It is assumed that in the process the Agency will launch a speakers, also in the course of going electric sirens. This event is planned to expand in Russia in October of this year, which was confirmed by the representatives of the press service of the emergencies Ministry. For correct verification will be required and substitution of television and radio broadcasting throughout the country.

It is also known that in the period up to 2030 at least 90% of the Russian population should be guaranteed the right to have access to emergency information via alert system. Against this background, the recent development of the Ministry of communications is in tandem with the Federal communications Agency and FEMA.

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