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Modern armor from a Ukrainian manufacturer: how armored blankets and children's bulletproof vests are made

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Modern armor from a Ukrainian manufacturer: how armored blankets and children's bulletproof vests are made

In Ukraine, an armored blanket that protects against debris and firearms has been successfully tested. It can be used as a stretcher for evacuating the wounded, strengthening defense structures, protecting the military and protecting armored vehicles. The tests were carried out by soldiers of ground defense, air defense, airborne assault troops and ground troops. Learn more about “Plashta” visas of the Ukrainian manufacturer in the article “Morning at Home”.

Just to protect against of the wreckage, the designers and designers of the “Ukrainian armor” company started the development of their new unique product — armored blankets. With the start of a full-scale invasion, the company began to work around the clock, because the team understood the responsibility placed on their shoulders.

“The company, of course, has grown. The team, the scale of production and volumes have expanded. As sad as it may sound, but war — is the development of the industry. We can be useful, because we are constantly working on the development of new products for the military”, — explained the general director of the company “Ukrainian Armor” Yan Goncharov.

More than 100 workers of “Ukrainian armor”, despite rocket attacks and problems with light, sew protection for soldiers and develop new means to save lives. In addition to helmets, armor, plates, bulletproof vests, tactical equipment, protection for working dogs, the company offers a full body armor suit.

“The “Fas” armor suit — its first generation. These are plate carriers and a vest. Under the vest, groin protection, neck protection and collarbone protection are attached.  Arm protection is hung on it. Hip protection is also hung here. Internal protection is also added,” — explained the designer of the “Ukrainian armor” company Vlad Shpachenko.

Thanks to the vast experience, knowledge and advice of the defenders, the designers managed to develop their newest product — armored blanket, which was given the name “Cloak”. They worked on its creation for several months. The “cloak” was made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and Cordura fabric. The weight of the product depends on the class of the product and can reach 10 kilograms.

“The blanket has become a collective protection. You can cover half a car with a blanket. You can bring it to a position and close the entrance to the dugout, cover the wounded. If necessary, you can evacuate the wounded. You can cover a group of people, you can wrap it yourself. You can even wrap an improvised explosive device, as is done at sappers, so that debris or an explosive wave does not fly in different directions”, — explained the designer of “Ukrainian Armor” Andy Gonza.

This unique anti-degradation agent is not afraid of water, can withstand different temperatures, and is also flexible and adaptable. The latest version of the development was tested in the ballistic laboratories of the Ministry of Defense. It was checked by fighters of the Third Separate Assault Brigade at the training ground.

“We was most interested in damage by grenades F-1. This is a defensive action grenade. It has the largest debris. After testing, we layered the product to see at what level it stops and what debris. All the debris stayed on the first twenty layers,”— Andy Gonza summarized.

Inventors are also working on creating a bulletproof vest from debris for children.

“Risks during evacuations from combat zones actions are no different. We tried to make the children's bulletproof vest as light as possible, because a child cannot carry ceramic plates around the sixth grade. We went into the line of protecting children with soft ballistic elements so that this bulletproof vest could be used in emergency situations, when a child could somehow run away or hide somewhere,” added Yan Goncharov.   

Ukrainian armor company plans to expand production and further modify and improve its products so that every Ukrainian is maximally protected.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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