Mistreatment against women in Bogotá: these are the channels to denounce

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Through the Comprehensive Care Route for Women Victims of Violence, guidance and inter-institutional and interdisciplinary care is provided with a gender approach

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Abuse against women in Bogotá: these are the channels to report

In this initiative, the administration will be able to go to the services of the Houses of Justice in order to contribute to the elimination of barriers to access to justice. Photo via: Secretary of Security

The administration of Bogotá, through the Secretariat for Women and the Secretariat for Security, Coexistence and Justice, in its objective of mitigating crimes that attempt against the physical, mental and moral integrity of women that have been presented in the city, has highlighted several channels for reporting this type of action.

Thus, behaviors such as insults, shouting, discrimination, insults, shouting, physical harassment or through social networks, among others, towards womenthey must be identified and reported in time so that the competent authorities can react.

It should be remembered that according to the balance presented by the Security entity in September 2022, versus the In the same period of 2021, sexual crimes and domestic violence presented a reduction of 30.86% and 22.10% respectively, which highlights a momentum of improvement in the accumulated trend for the year, the same occurs with personal injuries, which decreased by 19.54%.

Given this, the The Ministry of Security announced the different channels of attention so that any woman who feels or has been physically, psychologically, sexually, patrimonially or economically violated can obtain appropriate guidance for her case and an effective reaction on the part of the authorities.

These events can be reported and reported on Line 123 or on the Purple Line 018000112137, in which a team made up of social workers, lawyers, nurses and psychologists will be available 24 hours a day, who will guide them on rights, care routes and comprehensive protection.

This is the district's initiative to safeguard life and integrity of Bogota. Comprehensive Care Route for Women Victims of Violence

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>who resort to the services of the Houses of Justice in order to contribute to the elimination of barriers to access to justice”, added the District Security entity.

As reported by the secretariat, the 'Ruta Mujer' is operating and carrying out follow-up activities on possible cases in the following locations:

  • Casa de Justicia de Ciudad Bolívar in the Diagonal 62 # 20 F 20 SUR
  • Go up Ciudad Jardín Carrera. 59 # 131a -15
  • Barrios Unidos Calle 68 # 53 – 34
  • Bosa Campo Verde Calle 85 sur #94-35
  • Kennedy Av. Boyacá # 36 – 57 south

On the part of the district administration, this scenario supposes the joint participation of the teams of: Women's Secretariat, the Security, Coexistence and Justice Secretariat and the Social Integration Secretariat – Family Police Station, in coordination with the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences and the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare.

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It should be remembered that throughout the year 5,634 cases of sexual crimes have been filed, with women being the most violent. This according to what was denounced by the councilor Diana Diago, who highlighted that from January to September 2022 the cases of sexual crimes in Bogotá have increased by 21.7% compared to the same period of the previous year.

“The town that presents the most cases is precisely Suba, with 596 cases so far this year. In this town, cases have grown by 4% during 2022″, the councilor emphasized.

For her part, councilor Lucia Bastidas added that in Colombia by 2021 there will be 210 femicides, which meant an increase of 12.3%, compared to 2020. In 8.1% of the cases, the victims of femicides were minors and under 30. So far in 2022, the Fundación Femicidios Colombia has reported 129 cases.

The councilor highlighted that between January and September 2022 there have been 5,634 cases of sexual crimes, presenting an increase 21.7% compared to the same period in 2021. Of these reported cases, 80% of the victims are women.

Finally, Bastidas stressed that these figures are not very encouraging and that it is essential to progress gradually, so that each woman in the country has a position that is close to equality and presents themselves as potential victims of this lethal pandemic.