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Missing helicopter: the wreck has been destroyed ; found, the pilot did not survive

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A Cormorant helicopter was able to assist in the search on Sunday as visibility was better.

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The wreckage of the helicopter missing since January 5 has been found in Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains, says Captain Pedram Mohyeddin of the Pacific Maritime Forces, who added that the pilot died. He was the only occupant of the aircraft.

According to authorities, a Hercules plane and a Cormorant helicopter from the Canadian Armed Forces were dispatched during the night of Friday to the region of the national park as soon as the signal of the The helicopter's emergency locator transmitter was received.

They were unable to begin the aerial search upon arrival due to the lack visibility caused by a snowstorm.

However, there were ground searches in the area where the emergency locator transmitter was still emitting a signal, less than twenty kilometers away east of Revelstoke, British Columbia.

An emergency locator transmitter is a radio transmitter that is activated as a result of an air accident. It serves as a distress beacon.

The searches were then interrupted overnight to resume the following morning, Saturday January 6, still on the ground, since the weather conditions had not improved. improved.

Sunday morning, operations to find the helicopter resumed in better conditions, with clear skies. Four search teams, one from the RCMP, one from the Armed Forces and two local, continued their operations on the ground, this time with the help of the Cormorant helicopter, which was able, thanks to better visibility, to bring the source of the distress signal closer.

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He was able to fly low enough for the team who was on board could get off and continue the search on foot. The pilot's body and wreckage were found sometime later, around noon Pacific Time.

The identity of the pilot has not been released; however, his family has been notified. Authorities confirm that according to the flight plan, the plane took off from Calgary, Alberta, to Sicamous, British Columbia.

The RCMP is working with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada and the British Columbia Coroners Service to determine the cause of the crash.

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