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A trucker from Colombia -Missing British man found dead in Winnipeg

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According to a family friend, Farah's body Ali Mohamud was found Tuesday evening, not far from where his truck was parked, behind the Sherbrook Inn hotel.


A trucker who left Vancouver and went missing last Friday shortly after arriving in Winnipeg has been found dead, according to a family friend.

Farah Ali Mohamud , 34, had left British Columbia for Winnipeg to deliver a load on Friday morning and was scheduled to pick up another on Saturday morning.

His truck was found in the parking lot behind the Sherbrook Inn in the West Broadway neighborhood.

Police informed [the family] that& #x27;she had found his body not far […] from where the truck was found, Saiyed Ahmed, a family friend, told CBC/Radio-Canada on Wednesday.

The story ended in tragedy. We were all hoping to find him and receive better news.

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According to him, the body was found in a house, but the details are not known, indicates Mr. Ahmed.

It was a really devastating moment for the family, he believes. They hope to receive more answers today. That's all they know for now.

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A wanted notice was posted on the Facebook page of the Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization. of rural development).

Farah Ali Mohamud, father of three young children, left Somalia to settle in Canada in 2011, reports his father, Ali Mohamud Ali, who spoke to CBC/Radio-Canada on Tuesday. /p>

Ali Mohamud Ali traveled to Winnipeg from Edmonton and was conducting research in the West Broadway area when he spoke to CBC/Radio -Canada. He could not be reached on Wednesday.

I think they need a little privacy to process all this. It’s a very, very sad moment, says Saiyed Ahmed. They need to grieve and need time.

He says he expects the family to stay in Winnipeg until so she can bring the body back to Edmonton for the funeral. Most of Farah Ali Mohamud's extended family is in Edmonton, but he lived in British Columbia with his immediate family.

Saiyed Ahmed says Farah Ali Mohamud had no mental health problems and was a happy man, devoted to his family and very hardworking. This is why it is very difficult for the family to accept this situation.

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Farah Ali Mohamud, left, with his son and wife. The family says the trucker stopped communicating with them shortly after arriving in Winnipeg for a delivery on Friday.

The Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization posted a message on Facebook Tuesday evening announcing the death of the 34-year-old man.

We are sorry to announce that Farah Ali Mohamud has lost his life. Please send your thoughts and prayers to his family, the message reads.

The organization had issued a missing persons notice more early the same day.

Farah Ali Mohamud worked for Reef Trucking Enterprises, which is headquartered in Surrey, British Columbia. The company declined to confirm anything when contacted by CBC/Radio-Canada on Wednesday.

Mr. Farah finished her delivery and was resting at the truck stop. Anything that happened afterward was outside of his active role, per company policy, a spokesperson said by email. Police are handling the matter and any questions should be directed to them.

Winnipeg police have not released any information, apart from the fact that a missing person report was made by family members on Saturday and an investigation was opened.

With information from Darren Bernhardt and Zubina Ahmed

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