Missile attacks are no longer the biggest fear for Ukrainians, poll finds

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Rocket attacks are no longer the biggest fear for Ukrainians, - survey

Now people are most afraid of high prices, loss sources of income and the increase in utility tariffs, but missile attacks and a possible nuclear attack cause fears among a smaller number of respondents, such are  the results of the research of the company “New Image Marketing Group”, conducted on the order of the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

It is noted that during the survey, respondents were asked to choose the three most pressing problems for them personally at the moment.

Among the list of problems, the option “full-scale invasion as a whole” was not provided, this problem is predicted to be the most relevant according to the results of previous studies.

"However, the list of problems provided problems that are the consequences of a full-scale invasion, or have a direct connection with him”, – according to the research.

According to the results of the survey, the top current problems of today, according to the respondents, are as follows:

– high prices – 51%;
– lack of stability/confidence in tomorrow – 50%;
– low incomes – 37%;
– lack of physical security due to shelling (missiles, drones, etc.) – 34%;
– high tariffs for communal services – 33%;
– inability to make plans – 30%.

"It is worth noting that problems related to financial issues, as well as a sense of stability/confidence in the future, appeared to be more significant for survey participants than issues of physical security,", – the researchers commented.

Main fears and apprehensions

The main fears and apprehensions of the surveyed citizens are correlated with current problems – yes, among the main fears and apprehensions at the moment are further exorbitant price increases (38%), a decrease in income/loss of sources of income (36%) and a significant increase in utility tariffs (30%).

Also recorded were fears of possible blackouts (30%), deterioration of physical health (29%), constant shelling (28%) and nuclear strike/nuclear war (28%).

Quite high figures in terms of fears and apprehensions, the economic decline (27%), the explosion at the Zaporozhye NPP (27%), the large-scale counteroffensive of the Russian Federation (26%), the deterioration of mental health (24%).

Researchers noted that during the survey it was important to record the greatest fears and apprehensions of the respondents regarding the near future.

"The opinions of the participants were divided, however, with a small margin, the leaders recorded the following events/situations that cause the greatest fears and apprehensions: decrease in income, loss of sources of income (17%), nuclear strike/nuclear war (17%), further excessive growth prices (16%) and the explosion at the Zaporizhzhia NPP (14%)", – says the study.

Situations that give hope for the future

In addition, respondents were asked what events, situations or activities currently give them confidence and hope for the future.

Success at the front and communication with relatives/friends – these answers were provided by 58% and 52% of survey participants, respectively. The following events also provide hope and have a positive effect on the participants' sense of confidence:

– shelling of the territory of the Russian Federation (including the attack on the Crimean bridge) – 33%;
– military aid from Western partners – 30%;
– hobbies – 22%;
– training, self-development – 16%;
– pleasant events in the family (marriage, birth of a child, etc.) – 12%.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych