Minus 14 kg: Andriy Danilko showing the results of his weight loss

Minus 14 kg: Andriy Danilko showing the results of his weight loss

Minus 14 kg: Andriy Danilko showing the results of his weight loss

Andriy Danilko thin The showman stays on the singing regimen for the rest of the month and does not allow himself to be abused by alcohol, as it was before.

Ukrainian artist Andriy Danilko, under the stage name Vєrka Serdyuchka, demonstrating the results of his 14 kg weight loss. The showman published new signs of the interview on his special Instagram.

Zokrema, Andriy Danilko in public photographs with “mother of Serduchka” Innoyu Bіlokon, like it was crushed for an hour in & # 8217; travel to Latvia. I'm going to improvise a photo session by an artist, maybe, sing the power ahead of the concert, which took place on the 17th of spring in Riga.

“Latvia, here we go! Let's chat tomorrow & # 8221;, – the showman signed the following pictures with Inna Bilokon on his Instagram.

Koristuvachi returned respect for the good form of Andriy Danilka, and she praised Yogo for phenomenally thinner, about how the match was made earlier.

“I love you, Andriy. You are so thin!”, “Thin, like a student. And on her hands – a student & # 8221;, & # 8220; Andryukha, beautiful. Garnot lost weight”, “I how could you lose 14 kg so far?”, “The axis is the result of losing weight!” – the commentators wrote under the publication and encouraged Vєrci Serdyuchtsі and її “mami” in the distance on the outskirts of the Baltic.

Andriy Danilko, having shown the results of his weight loss

Warto signify that on the cob spring Andriy Danilko gave an interview to the Youtube project & #8220; and made Grim”, in which he spoke about his success in losing weight. Behind the words of the showman, after the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the RF AP, the wines radically changed the way of life, which allowed him to throw off a little extra kilos.

Andriy Danilko recognized that I'm losing weight by 14 kg and in concert tours I need to sleep.

“I have, like a pioneer camp. I get up about 7:40, such a layout, like at the camp, I was specially robbed. So, I can drink a little, but it’s not like that, like it was in the past & # 8230; To the fact that I'm drunk, so you can fall asleep & # 8230; I didn’t fall asleep in an instant, and they didn’t take me piguls, snodiyny (drugs – ed.) & # 8221;, – after revealing the showman in the interv & # 8217; Youtube project. Danilko, wine “not rotting” through a flexible schedule, who knows the hour for a walk, volunteering and doing sports.