Ministry of Public Health campaigns to vaccinate pregnant people “1 month, 100,000 people” D-Day today

September 13, 2021 by archyde

On September 13, 1964, Dr. Satit Pitutecha, Minister of Public Health Revealed after the chairman of the opening ceremony of the month of campaigning for pregnant women to receive vaccination against COVID-19 “1 month, 100,000 cases” that due to the epidemic situation of COVID-19 affect life and access to the public health service system especially pregnant women who are at risk when the infection has severe symptoms or death and also result in the baby Chance of preterm birth It has a long-term impact on the development and growth of the baby that is the main force in the future development of the country. including the burden of higher treatment costs

from the COVID-19 infection survey in pregnant women, 6 weeks postpartum, and newborns From April 1 to September 9, 21, 3,223 pregnant women were infected, 73 died, accounting for 2.26 percent, and 154 newborns were infected or 8.89%. Therefore, pregnant women are considered to be at high risk when contracting COVID-19. need to urgently get vaccinated To reduce the severity of the disease, the Ministry of Public Health has relied on cooperation from all sectors to ensure that pregnant and lactating women are thoroughly vaccinated. Under the campaign month activities, pregnant women are vaccinated against COVID-19. with a goal of “1 month, 100,000 cases”, starting from September 13 – October 13.

On the side of Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said Covid vaccination situation among pregnant women According to the data from 29 Aug. – 9 Sep. 64, a total of 68,435 pregnant women have received the first dose of 53,697 injections, 14,559 of the second dose of 14,559 and the third dose of 179 cases, which are considered still very little This is because pregnant women are still worried and unsure about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Although there has been communication and knowledge about diseases and vaccines through various channels, the campaign must be accelerated. and create a trend for society to realize that pregnant women are a risk group that must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to cover the whole country To reduce the severity of disease and mortality. In addition, the vaccine in the mother can pass on immunity to the child. Pregnant women with a pregnancy of more than 12 weeks or 3 months can contact the nearest medical facility. to receive vaccination from today onwards

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