Minister of the Interior from Buenaventura: “Dialogues with the ELN will begin in a matter of days”

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Colombian President Gustavo Petro commented that he proposed to the European Union that it “act intensively and rapidly in the Colombian peace process”

Minister of the Interior from Buenaventura: “Dialogues with the ELN will begin in a matter of days”

The total peace project proposed by the administration of Colombian President Gustavo Petro seems to continue along the path that it has promised to the Colombian community. Recently, the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, during his visit to Buenaventura, on the coast of Valle del Cauca, highlighted that the negotiation between the National government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) is only days away from starting. “In terms of days, the dialogue table will be set up”, he said when speaking of this group outside the law, during his speech.

“From then on we have traced the entire path to be able to dialogue with those actors that we recognize as having a political status, as was done a few years ago with the FARC (…) There is no veto for those who want to extend their hand to the government that has invited them to dialogue and the other path is that of acceptance of the rule of law, it will allow us to advance in a conversation that has a judicial route for disarmament and demobilization ”, explained the head of that portfolio, who also arrived in that area of ​​the country to deliver 11 boats and their equipment to the communities on the banks of the San Juan River.

It is important to remember that, from Paris, the Head of State stressed that, in effect, this is already a fact. “Yes, they are (…) also those of the Government so we will talk about it in Bogotá. The protocols were made in the Government of Santos, we have simply collected them, they have their list of negotiators. I already know it but I don't know if it has already been made public in Colombia, we have to make the other effort, the counterpart at the negotiating table, the site that has to be done jointly has not yet been defined” , he told the press.

In response to the statements, Carlos Ruiz Massieu, head of the UN verification mission in Colombia, said that from that entity there is hope in what this means for Colombia. “What matters most to us is that this advances and that the process hopefully takes regularity and I believe that all of Colombia hopes that this time it will be a successful process (…) We have always recognized the role of guarantors that Cuba and Norway have played in the FARC process at the time, in the process with the ELN and we respect and as the United Nations we recognize that role and that desire for peace”, detailed.

In the same way, it was the High Commissioner for Peace, Danilo Rueda, who commented that the resolutions that will enable the installation of the dialogue table between the government and the ELN are already being processed. #The version that circulates in some media does not conform to the writing under study. So far, no resolution is firm, “he clarified.

It is important to emphasize that the Government already has the draft of the resolution in which the 16 members of the ELN delegation are. . Among the names on the list are: Pablo Beltrán, Aureliano Carbonell, Bernardo Téllez, Gustavo Martínez, Consuelo Tapias, Silvana Guerrero, Isabel Torres, Óscar Serrano, Vivían Henao, Ricardo Pérez, Cataleya Jiménez, Eduin Restrepo, Américo Tres Palacios , Manuela Márquez, Mauricio Iguarán and Simón Pabón. The advisor of the organization will be Nicolás Rodríguez Bautista.

The approximate date for starting the peace process with this armed group is between next November 20 or 21. This occurs after they remained suspended for more than three years. The Colombian president, Gustavo Petro, commented, in turn, that he proposed to the European Union that it “act intensely and quickly in the peace process in Colombia.” < /p>