Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for firewood, “Great life” and premier ambitions

Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for firewood, “Great life” and premier ambitions

Head of the Ministry of Infrastructure until the 24th of February – the ceremonial role. As a rich worker of the ministries, Oleksandr Kubrakov had to change the work of the ministry to new slats.

Before the war, like the head of Ukravtodor, and then, like the minister, he will be one of the key managers of the Great Life. New roads, children's gardens and other social objects, bright yellow-black vivisky on the facades with inscriptions, like guessing about її special connections with the president – I know the program, sing-song, skin Ukrainian. UP spivists also often predicted “Great Life” in the context of political corruption and the emergence of “road cartels” on the market.

Наразі ця програма не на часі, як і зрештою багато інших проєктів на кшталт будівництва високошвідкісної залізниці до Варшави або створення національного авіаперевізника UNA.

Зараз керівник Мінінфраструктури переконує донорів допомогти Україні відновити знищені росіянами ключові інфраструктурні об'єкти, і Shukaє dodatkovі dzherela nadhodzhenya like, for example, turning the excise duty on the board, which could be sent to the road life.

Krym tsgogo, Kubrakov is also described as a “grain corridor”, atypical for this department for food security in the countryside, for infrastructure and the life of old terminals on the cordon for expanding exports. I take part in key entries, sign in the name of Ukraine international homeownership, like it was in Istanbul, escort the president to the meeting with the Turkish leader and UN Secretary General, like it was in Lvov.

Yogo has already begun to be called the upcoming prime minister, but the head of the Minister sings that the armchair of Denis Shmigal does not cackle. About the price – in an interview with the Economic Truth.

About the farming near Istanbul and Lvov, Erdogan, Hutterish and Shoigu

– Ochnimo from the farm President of Ukraine with President Turechchini and UN Secretary General in Lvov. We have taken you in photographs, you have seen them at our negotiations. How did you smell the stench and what was left behind the fastening of the door?

– Negotiations were conducted in a natural format. Tobto trilateral removi that delegation from the skin side. The most important food was discussed, as if to unite Ukraine, the Turech region, the UN.

First – the grain pleasing, її vikonannya, which is necessary, so that it would develop far away. Another is the situation with the Zaporizka nuclear power plant. We discussed what format we could use, like our help, so that the territory of the WEU would be demilitarized.

Something unique, which was not in the applications of the three leaders, was not.

Ministry of Infrastructure Kubrakov – ambitions

– Can you remember the indifferent reactions of our partners?

– At the skin є kakіs zamezhennja on publіchnі vyslovlyuvannya. For example, the Secretary General of the United Nations tried to blame him in the framework of the UN statute, saying, “We influence this, that and that”. Obviously, we can not take away a new statement, which is acceptable to us, which will be supported by our success. To that, it seems to me that “I still can’t work with the other side.”

Erdogan about some sensitive speeches can ask not to speak in ZMI. I’ll bring the butt, as it was three months ago from the grain land, if only a few began to work on it. So in ZMI until the last moment there was no information about any details. The other Turkish side was “pissing” through its ZMI, minimal information.

Stink so shy, they have such a style. The stench will show that the stench is the worst in this process, although it’s really not so. And yet, they have such a policy.

– After the negotiations, the official statement of Erdogan was made, which one should believe in Zelensky’s peaceful rewind with Putin. What did they say about peace talks on this blog?

– Nothing like this was discussed at the trilateral meeting. Buli vinyatkovo nagalni food. The main hour was attached to the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and the situation around it. There was no one else at the hearing of our President and the President of Turkey, there was a bilateral hearing.

– Just after the hearing of Lviv, information appeared in the Telegram channels that Erdogan had brought a note to Zelensky from Putin with yoga minds of a peace treaty. Did they talk about it there?

– I can worry about it, if I have a feeling and a feeling. There was no pressure on the Taka within the framework of the tripartite zustrіch from Erdogan. It is obvious that the whole world checks on a light top. Movlyav, є grain crops and її it is possible to expand. I don't make a call. That’s why grain favors are a very situational story, which is seen by everyone.

I’m guessing that Russian military ships were standing in Odessa on the roads in the city, and people were shooting our places in their balconies . Then there were no more Russian warships, the one who got into one ship was pushed into another, the third … And as if the stench began to rise. Tse y did the mind for the grain please.

In parallel, the problem of the global food crisis, the problem of supplies, inflation in the countries of the EU, the USA and all other countries – all in the complex knew such a situational solution. We remember a lot of viklikіv and we remember that on the coming day of signing please buv missile attack on the port of Odesa. /p>

– The food chain is complex. Є the role of the UN, є іnteresi raznykh kraїn svіtu, yakі in its own way fallow in ukrainian agrarian products. On the other hand, China, which also has a place in our exports and in Russia’s exports in a number of positions, and Russia, for example, has partners in Latin America and Africa.

and at the same time, because of the drought in Africa, and in Europe, the food situation in the world has grown superbly.

Another is a real famine in Africa. Colleagues from the UN will show real statistics on the collection of crops in quiet lands. Morocco, for example, took less than 30% of the birth rate, in addition, which one was planned.

We didn’t launch such a lance, but aggression is on the side of the Russian Federation. I think that Russia needed more to show itself as a superior partner in Africa and Latin America. Pіdіyshov hour, if the stench was small virіshuvat tsyu problem, yaku themselves did. Who has politics, they stink so much.

Too bad, that these ships were no longer in the roadstead of Odesa. This is the key.

– Grain agreement was signed in Istanbul, and they represented Ukraine in particular. Why did they sign її vy from our side, and from the Russian side – Minister of Defense Shoigu? Still on the cob, if the UN Secretary General came to Kiev, he said that from that side of the UN we would be a bigger economic bloc on the right, lower from Viysk. Why everything changed in them at the last moment – I don’t understand.

We have been once appointed by the president that our department will be, shards of us vouch for spoiling that logistics. All the same, we all practiced in total coordination with our Viysk-Naval Forces, the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff and the Main Intelligence Directorate. ” alt=”Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for fire, “Great life” and premium’Jerska ambitions” />

Kubrakov under the hour of signing the “grain” land in Istanbul. Below – UN Secretary General António Guterres, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Yerdogan the day they found out about it.

– Did you get in touch with him in Turkey? Possibly, did you roam on the sidelines?

There were no annual roses, there were no snaps. For us, it was a matter of principle, and at once we were pleased at the moment after the protocol. All possible moments – sit for one style, go through the order or go into the same room – there was not much.

We were told, if we waited: “And from the infection, two delegations will come in at once.” We say: “Ni. We will be in the hall at our places and we will be checks while other delegations will come in. We won’t be able to come in at once.”

How to practice the “grain corridor”

– How to practice the “grain corridor”, skilki ports received?

– Three main ports on the Black Sea are in full operation: Chornomorsk, Odessa and Pivdenny. 27 ships sailed from our ports (interview recorded on 20 September– EP ), ten on the next day were on the vantage point. So, yak, they came and went, so they weren’t there until the onset of a full-scale war.

Already maybe close to 40 applications, about 700,000 tons of agricultural products already came from the cob of grain initiatives from the ports of Velikiy Odesa. Zvichayno, we want to expand and add more port.

We are right on top of it, but it’s quiet, calm. I will understand that such speeches are like a grain crop itself, it is to blame.

Ministry of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for fire, “Great life” and premium’ ambitions

– Earlier you said it was important to secure the port of Mykolayev. Is it possible?

– Approximately 40% of our agricultural products were previously exported from Mykolaiv port. There are a lot of grain terminals of our and international companies. To that, zvichayno, we want, schob vin buv in the Initiative. Mi over tsim pratzyuemo. We are turbulent by one mind: safety. The UN and Turkey can be the guarantor of this security, even though we are guilty within the framework of the Initiative.

– How can the dynamics of the problem of export of agricultural products be overcome by the improvement of new crops?

– It’s already a lot to lie down in the form of safe food, so God forbid there weren’t any new non-transferable stories, which could create a market.

If everything is going to be like this, like at once, we can, according to the results of this spring, reach 3 million tons of grain per month from only three ports of Velikiy Odesa. The goal is the closest, and in general, the capacity of these three ports is about 5 million tons.

Before the full-scale war, we had 5-7 million tons of exports of agricultural products per month, including, mainly, in our ports of Mykolaiv Sea of ​​Azov, which is now inaccessible.

At the same time, the port on the Danube is also working, the railroad is working, the vantages are transporting products to the nearest ports in the European Union. How many wines are ready to risk and go to the port?

– The main risk, obviously, is safe. Zvichayno, tse vplyvaet on the cost of freight, on the cost of insurance services. If the hour comes and we will tell you, how everything was in the day, who caused it to himself.

There are a lot of companies in the private sector, how to shy away even bold speeches, how people rush, buy ships one by one. But let's be at the door: not everyone is so reckless. Both Ukrainian and foreign companies are called upon to lead themselves in a different way.

Be smarter than the first. They gave everything to repair the giblets of intelligence, that the mechanism works, that everything is more or less safe, that everything is fine. The dynamics of applications, yak mi bachimo – 10-15 vessels for production. For example, schools in our port came from this ship. Сім – the same number, in one day the price is bad.

– How can we start importing metal products and what is needed for whom?

– Theoretically, everything is possible, but above all it is practicable. Obviously, this is one of the biggest priorities, the corridor of expansion for all export-import, which is necessary for our state. The hour will come when ships not only with agricultural products will pass along the corridor. then the Ministry of Defense handed over this initiative to you. How did it get homed?

It is impossible to say what kind of home they were. It’s just that in the first days of the war, we were so organized. The model is more collapsible, and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan received water, and transporters, volunteers, In my opinion, they stink professionally. Since the first days, we have had a normal relationship with them, although we didn’t know before the war.

Our task is to ensure the delivery of military assistance to Ukraine. Representatives of the ministry coordinate international logistics both at the hubs near Poland and at the International Donor Coordination Center in Nymechchyna. jpg” alt=”Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for fire, “Great life” and premium’Russian ambitions” />

“It’s unrealistic for volunteers to slacken at once: they bathe companions, bayraktari. Sometimes there is an animosity that volunteers work more than foreign partners. Who supplies more at once?

The most contagious, of course, partners from the point of view of the expansion of resources. You can't match anything. Ale and qiu war can not be compared with anything. The reason is the greatest war on the European continent after Another light from the point of view of the scale, rearing forces, people, seeing the destruction.

We ourselves could not fight. Tse all billions and billions of dollars. USA, Great Britain, European lands, Canada, and even after them with a great wind, others follow – the power and the volunteers. Strengthening is unreal on the right and one cannot work without the other.

For example, we can be given a unique possession, for example, artillery systems. Before them, you will need classy rozvіduvalni drones, like koshtuyut richly less, but without them modern artillery will not be so effective pratsyuvati. Volunteers can buy classy rozvіduvalni drones.

These floorings are great war, that we, independently, like a power, could not provide for all the necessary things, so that we could take such a riven out of the wind. With all the help of the volunteers, we won’t be 100% able to, and would not be small, to take care of everything.

We are at war with all the world, and our foreign partners also turned out to be not prepared to such a scale. The world has problems with a variety of types of damage and ammunition.

About the fire, excise tax and margin of gas stations

– Not so long ago, we stumbled into a hot crisis. Can you already say that it's over?

– As you say carefully, it's more or less over. Across the entire territory of the country, at all gas stations, we are running out of places to see. Mayzhe nowhere else I can’t bachel the border for the sale of a paltry car for one car. At this stage, the war has ended, but all the same, the market has already changed, the wine is working without reserves. I say “carefully” to him.

– With whom do you think that the return of excise taxes is not particularly affected by prices? Is it such a big deal?

– We wonder how the prices for naphtha and petroleum products in the light markets fall at the same time. Mi tezh splkuєmosya with the market. If you turn the excise duty at once in that obsyaz, which we propagated, then all the same, the wine is significantly less, lower before the war, and the wine is significantly smaller, lower in the European Union. For such a market situation, and excise tax, for example, the price of a diesel engine is not guilty of changing.

– Food before you, like a member of the order, who is the initiator of excise tax return. Why for the dermal type of pallid wine per day at a cost of 100 euros per thousand liters? In the quiet lands of the EU, tributes vary in the amount of fallow land. In our opinion, zokrema, such an excise tax can greatly increase the price of autogas.

– The proposition of the Ministry of Infrastructure was to save the gas rate on a par until a full-scale invasion. However, due to the Ministry of Economic Development, it was necessary to revise the excise tax for all types of food at that stage, so that there was no imbalance in the market.

Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about the grain corridor, prices for fire, “Great life” and premium’Russian ambitions

– Ministry of Economy?

– Є їhnє priming. The situation developed in such a way that the excise tax was collected not by us, but probably by us. I understand at some stage that, in principle, if no one else needs it, then no one needs to be killed for us. And we need it, honestly, in the first place for us and the Ministry of Finance, as much as we need it for the liquidity of our financial system. /strong> In UZ, understand the market situation and understand what margin traders work with, right?


– What is the same margin on gasoline and diesel, according to your estimates? Definitely, we made a real collaboration, for me tezh buv cіkaviy dosvіd, especially if we laid direct contracts with ExxonMobil and Orlen. We took care of the entire warehouse, logistics, surplus and so on.

For porіvnyannja: we analyzed on the skin edge of ЄС the trend in terms of excises and MPE on vartіst in the retail price of one liter – about 40% to 60%. The state power there has to look at various collections and taxes on the sale of skin liter in retail. We, around 7% of MPE, may not have anything. At the same time, we managed that the profitability in these markets is no more than 10%.

Tobto, to be careful to say, our proportion was even more profitable.

–Tobto, to import our rasdrobnі merezhi here for 35-40 UAH maximum?

– (Laugh) I won't say anything. The exchange rate has changed, the marginality is definitely not the same now. Ale was a decade of months, if the margin was really high. Alas, the business is at once risky, richly gravitational, they have spent their bases of escaping, as if they were depleted by missile strikes.

About the plans for the renewal of that state-owned airline

– We have 24 thousand kilometers of airways. You seem to think that it is unreasonable and wrong to replace it with the European number. What can we do?

– This goal is global, maybe, but I don’t know, in what hour. Maybe 50 years? We cannot plan such speeches at once. And at the same time, the program is at least – to establish on the territory of Ukraine those businesses, where the euro was used. And so are those villages of a wide Ukrainian number, like entering the territory of our western lands. And then, in principle, we should go to the bottom of the cordon, and all the way there, deserving our transport hubs. >– So, in order to expand channels for export, UZ is more focused on cargo hubs and vintage terminals with the European country.

– So.

– What Cim to all work, like, for example, the sea opens up and everything starts to work? How much will you need?

– Everything will be needed. The sea is rippling, but no one can guarantee 100% that everything will be right, no matter what. Sorry, riziki є. As soon as it becomes, we may be prepared. To that, everything that began to be on the cordons, everything will be done. In a few days, we launched the updated railroad station “Berezino-Besarabeaska”, as a way to cross Ukraine and Moldova.

Vona is important for our ports on the Danube. For example, as something went wrong with our bridge across Zatoka, we have an alternative route, and it’s even more important. This house “Berezino-Basarabeaska” did not work for 25 years, but we reconstructed it in a month.

Minister of Infrastructure Kubrakov – about grain corridor, prices for palivo, “Great life” and premium’ ambitions

– Did we inspire you for your high school?

– We were inspired. Ale, here it is, the stink there is supposedly going to be paid for by the UZ, on their territory there were fewer jobs. per stake of the European mark. Why?

– This is the closest caravan to the cordon. Tse Volynska region, Lvivska, Zakarpattya, Chernivetska region.

– There are also 27,000 kilometers of roads and 1,400 bridges being repaired. Vodnocha, in our country there are 170,000 km of roads and 16,000 bridges. Why did we say so little?

– I don't care if we said so little. Behind the front, two rocks were crushed, as if they were strengthening the paths, about 15-16 thousand kilometers of roads. Tse is a lot. If we talk about Lugano, then our focus for the hour of war is the “survival” projects.

Tobto, go about the bridges, which are necessary for the Swedish success of the city and forces, as well as about the modernization of the infrastructure, as a task for export logistics. 80% of the time, focus, respect, we tried to turn to quiet speeches, like you need an infection.

24 thousand kilometers on the roads of the poor. Here the bula was a real zone of fighting, there the stink of shelling and at the funnels. And here the tanks drove steadily and there the upper ball of the road was damaged. Ale is not about those who need to be inspired by their terms.

Also, we understand that there are 300 bridges in us on the roads of hardcore corystuvannya, like ruynovani. For 50 hours, we have secured the passage, and another 250 bridges are under construction.

>- It was about 95-100 billion dollars. All direct traffic to the entire infrastructure, including housing. I respect that these statistics are most correct, but there is still a lot of what we cannot understand. For example, Mariupol – we can’t access it there.

– The plan is to develop the country’s foundation for the creation of state-owned national airlines. For 100 million dollars. What do we need a state-owned airline at that hour, if other representatives of the government vote on the minimum state-owned entry into the economy? How will UNA compete with Ryanair and WizzAir?

If we had such an operator before the war, then for sure, without worrying about the actual threats, we could have taken the main directives.

Remember how important it is before the large-scale warfare that the airlines were killed, as they were ready to fly in Ukraine until the end. Abo, for example, the flights were not flooded in Kiev at the night time and navit, like they flew about the first year of the night, all the same hovered and did not spend the night in the country. A lot of airlines simply stopped flying.

Until the war is over, not all airlines will immediately turn to the country.

– Tse argument from the point of view of the dawn of war, utim tsi plans appeared richly earlier. In our country, all the sovereign states of the world are associated with the ineffective. Do we need another holding company?

– I'll aim the butt. If the state places a direct contract with the largest light and European oil companies Orlen and Exxon, Ukrainian oil producers in the form of so many of the winners. So it goes with the national air carrier. My bachimo is real co-operation and variability of risks. At the vipadku with the palm itself, the state took on the risiki.

The skin for the launch of the national air carrier was worked out and propagated in detail by our French consultants. The mate of the stench recommended that we launch a new sovereign to the Aviacappani, the launch of the spyl Aviaprostor Z єs – the Novi Gravets Mav Shanxi Visteli at the competitive Avia -Avia -Aviavisi. private capital, and other forms of communication with the main Ukrainian air carriers.

Take money for the weekend for the hour of the war

– Our partners are not ready to give pennies for infrastructure until the end of the war. Ale, take the stars of them on the vіdbudova already at once, who is ready to give them an hour of war and in some kind of obligations? vizhivannya our economy, the state. In Lugano, we had a lot of noises from the usual international financial institutions.

For example, at the same time, restructuring of previous projects is being carried out, on the basis of which the funds of the European Investment Bank were seen, but in such a way that it would be possible to help with the most critical infrastructure objects.

So the EBRD itself: it does not finance capital investments for the repair of roads, but it finances everything that is related to export, so that the expansion of the checkpoints at the cordon, the life of the railway workers in the European Union. So it is and Svіtovy bank: everything that is connected with the repair of ruynovannyh objects and renovating the same with the export of our agricultural products. /p>

Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov – everyday life” and premium’Russian ambitions

– How much money can you pay for?

I can name only a few orienting obsyagi. Projects with European Investment Bank 200-300 million euros, with Svitovim Bank 100-200 million dollars, EBRD same in the region 100 -200 million euros.

Obviously, all international financial institutions do not work like that before the war. So, at the same time, Svіtovy Bank can be praised on okremy projects for the decision for the year, which previously required 3-4-6 months. Yakіs decision stench vzagalі praise for 2 tizhnі.

– We rozrakhovuєmo and for the promotion of the Road Fund. The excise tax on the palm itself rotates through the chain.

Of course, I know again, these objects themselves, as the most needed at the same time, will not be financed by our partners. Partners finance speeches related to exports and economic developments. Tobto, є ruynovanі bridges, roads, іnshі objects, yakі may have social significance. This is a priority, like nobody, krіm us, will not be financed. Even if we don't work with the program, we work with partners.

– Your bill is 2-3 billion per month. What do you plan to inspire them yourself? What are the key objects? What is a specific list?

Stink already. The deeds were confirmed by the order.

What about the “great life?”

– I almost wanted to turn around at the pre-war hour. Great Lifethis program, with which you are associated as one of the key managers. Why did everything start, how did the program start?

– Why did it happen for Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk. I marveled at the plans for the life of the roads, repairing the children's gardens, schools, healers, and then praised the decision that everything would be “Great life”. We made a presentation, for which reason we will send to the president and explain everything. This is the end of 2019.

What is the role of Yury Golik here? What does it seem like you yourself should have the idea to implement such a plan on a national scale?

– No, at that stage, I was the leader of Prime Minister Oleksiy Goncharuk. І vіn yakraz mav dosvid implementation of such projects as the life of children's kindergartens, schools, likaren in the Dnipropetrovsk region. For the same part of the “Great Life” of wines. Under yogo kerіvnitstvom, they passed along with the regional state administrations, they laid down plans for 2020.

Behind your thoughts, how big is the program “Great Life”?

– I have a simple answer. In the first place, I'm bachelor in sociology for a short time and a quarter. If you take more broadly educated people, then statistically everything is better. But then, I understand perfectly well, what are you talking about …

It was one of the main programs before the president's war, as it helped you in the electoral plan. Tse razumіyut and opponents, and for them, tse bula was one of the main targets for criticism.

As if in a program, I’ll understand that there are good speeches, dozens of places, 24 regional state administrations, a lot of different subjects in the future. І, zvichayno, є yakіs speech unkind, yih, perhaps, here 1%. I have a great mind. But 90% of the focus of the bulk will still be on these moments.

We can not know what happened behind the scenes of this program, but about “bad speeches” we can often A little like the participants in the market, wanting to stink, obviously, reexamine their interests.

Under the hour of some great life, for example, in the hour of the very same Yanukovych under “Euro-2012”, the sovereign contractors were “taken away”. “Great Budіvnitstv” today also has a group of companies, like the one with the largest number of contractors. On the scale, from your point of view, is it efficient?

Why do some companies, for example, such as OV “Budіninvest іnzhiniring”, anger by falling, for example, to talk to the government officials?< /strong>

– Let's go in order. A pool of gravity, which was historically before, as the program began to work, without changing the essence. At 80% of the price of the companies themselves, they were on the market. You can marvel at 2018, 2019, and the future.

If you talk about competition, then it has decreased. We simply cannot criticize the “Prozorro” system, but our purchasing system, but, I respect that there are a lot of speeches, over which it is necessary to practice.

I can match trades, which are subject to the rules of the World Bank, ЄІB and EBRD, and trades, which are subject to Ukrainian legislation. The main difference is that at the auctions of the same World Bank at the first stage, everything is submitted already with a price proposition, there is no other round, there is a one-stage auction. So, if 30 companies apply for a tender with a price proposition, qualifications are required in parallel, then the stench can’t get home, can’t get any sound.

We are constantly looking for investigations by the Antimonopoly Committee about how to get rid of the participants in the auction. At international tenders, the procedures are simple, and the stench has already shown their effectiveness in Ukraine. Until then, the competition in the tenders of international financial institutions is growing.

If you talk about the company “Budinvest Engineering”, which you created, then I’m talking about it in the publications of “Our Pennies” . I don’t recognize the roads for the city and for those who are there.

Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov – ambitions

This missionary company, to the point of speech, spivpratsyu with such great graves, as to enter the current pool of “Great Life”.

– I know that this is a good job.

Bula zustrіch on the cob of lime from the president, all the road workers were taken. The best there were representatives of the same “pool”. ZMI wrote that there was Kostyantyn Karamanits, the head of FC “Kryvbas” and the company “Rudomine”. Are you also involved in road life?

– It was discussed there to give specific speeches related not only to road life. They have a lot of higher education competence, they will stink a lot of things in their field, they have a lot of things, and it’s all about tse bula mov.

– Your political opponents directly called “great life” before the full-scale war “great chivalry”. There were a lot of publications in ZMI, de explaining that this project is not just an image, but also a corrupt one.

owe the system, salaries in envelopes and so far?

– I can’t prove it, because I already have a lot of evidence for it. We analyzed a lot of speeches. Previously, the average number of participants in the auction was 2.5 participants, now it has become 4.5 participants. The price fell into the first river by 21%.

At 99%, everything was normal and worked within the framework of the market, within the framework of the rules. Tobto, having grown the market, grew the obsyagi, grew everything. Obviously, everything could play, obviously, political opponents, all of them fought for their own selfishness.

I know again, I’m running more than one criminal investigation about those that people stole, de didn’t report any materials, de vaguely were. It’s all good.

– Did they ask you to the NABU on your right?

– We are constantly spіvpratsyuєmo (laugh). NABU came before us, they asked for it in bagats on the right. Zvichayno. And in quiet speeches, as if they had been spoken before me, they were doing it right, and in quiet speeches, as if they had been spoken in the period, if I used to be. /strong>

– There is no time, in principle, no everyday life. At the same time, just a little, I’ll say it again, having said, the restoration of the construction of bridges, roads, those same time bridges and structures. So Ukrzaliznytsia itself will only be there, it’s necessary to be there. From the first days of the war, all capital projects were spurred on all directions.

About the rotation of the Cabinet of Ministers and the premier ambitions

– Such is the situation at hand in the Cabinet of Ministers, how can you check the rotation of autumn? What format is the rotation going to be in?

Those I love and care for don't get ready for anything. The situation is normal, everyone works within the framework of their ministries. If it is necessary to change someone, they change. The minister of social policy was recently remembered. I don’t want to discuss, I don’t know the details, but I’ll just say what is necessary, no one checks. Everything is calculated in a decade.

– As a butt I can bring another change – we were reminded a month before Bakanov's call that the head of the Security Service could be corrected at the front. And if the President needs to be asked about it, Zelensky defiantly defiantly says: “Yakbi want, then I’m fine”…

About the introduction of the order, in which I practice more roku, I already have a three-chotiri chuv.

– While you were practicing, which order already had more insertions …

They said that the order was placed before the infamous season, after the infamous season. Tobto, everything was already there. I don’t want to change my mind every day.

Infrastructure Minister Kubrakov – about grains corridor, prices for fire, “Great life” and premium’Russian ambitions

– Prime Minister, will there be any changes?

I respect that it is theoretically possible to inspire only after victory. I don’t care for any rethinking.

– Do you ever seem so diplomatically through those who call you the main contender?

No, honestly. There are no reasonable rethinks, from the truth. We have a completely normal mentality. From the beginning of a full-scale war, a lot of political speeches, or the ambitions of singing people, went to another plan.

For example, even up to the 24th fierce in the order, they could very well cook there with the Ministry of Finance for some food, then at the same time we don’t spend an hour on the qi all speeches. Vіd them є at once vіdpovіd: I can/I can not. So I myself: I support/I don’t support, I work/I don’t work.

– We don’t ask why people talk about those who are the candidate for the premier. What is your meal premier?

Ni. A more simple example – they showed me a presentation, a project of a short ministry. And they said: “From here, let’s seem to be ruined, here it’s common, here it’s changed, do you support?”. I say: “Ni, I don’t support.” Why?

Because it is our ministry, it is a team that works in this ministry, it is specific projects that we can take – for example, the same bed, as it is the broadest lower direct function of the ministry. Such dotted speeches we can pull on ourselves, take the trouble. I don't want any other ministry – honestly, I don't!

– And since ZMI began to write that you are a candidate for the premier, your candidates from the premier-ministry were not signed?

Ні , Mitse passed with him. Still, it seems, before the full-scale war, there were a couple of such unreasonable wails. I explain that I don’t have any, I don’t have any ambitions and ambitions. Tobto, calmly. At the same time, wine with humor is up to the mark. I don't need to explain anything anymore.

About “10-10-10”

– One of the most discussed topics of this day, which has passed, was the radical tax reform “10-10-10”, which Rostislav Shurma spoke about in an interview with Forbes. What do you think?

I spoke with Rostislav, an ideologist. I respect that it is necessary to carefully put such radical speeches, so that you can call out a more significant fall, even more important for the state. From the other side, I understand that there is an imbalance in the fluctuating tributary system and there exactly є over which to work.

At all the meetings in Lugano, our international partners told me – be kind, turn the excise duty, turn everything, everything that you tidied up, turn at once. We, obviously, we will support you, we will help you, if necessary, so that you have a budget, at least as if it were on top.

I won't say it's unrealistic. It is required to look in detail at the rozrahunki and an economic model. Naygolovnіshe – it is necessary, so that you can do it for the price. I respect that reforms of this magnitude can be promoted on the basis of well-prepared rosrahunkivs.

We can analyze and bachiti risks for ourselves. For example, I'm taking a risk from the one that we have in the country at the same time and so nothing can be financed. For example, director of Ukravtodor, Evgen Kuzkin, yomu 66 years old, vin – one of the authors of the Budget Code of Ukraine, vin basing our budget in the middle of the roky, and vin even me, sho glad, if in kintsi monsiyatsa pay for the internet – 6 thousand hryvnia for the same period.

Tobto, for me, the risk is more. I'm a conservative in some way.

Name the country, where the taxes are about the same, how do you propagate? I put a question: how do people live in these lands, how does business work there? Є pіlgi for singing galuzey, but in a flash we can calmly say that tributes are creaking at the temples. The food is in what people understand, what they need to pay for, what they stink as a result. Tobto, everything is to blame to be normal and people are to blame for understanding the irreversibility of all these processes.