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Minister Laforest wants a modernization of the construction industry

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The Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, is the author of Bill 39 which will give more powers to cities. (Archive photo)

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Now that the caucus of Coalition Avenir Québec is finished in Sherbrooke, the member for Chicoutimi and minister responsible for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region Andrée Laforest, intends with her party to modernize the construction industry.

[We are experiencing] a very gentle reform of the construction industry. We welcomed temporary immigrants. We need more housing and we have to speed up the construction process, explained Andrée Laforest, in an interview on the show It's never the same.

To illustrate certain modifications to be made, she gives the example of the obligation to have a few workers to change a hood. We need to change that, says the minister.

In the same vein as Bill 39, which, according to the minister, removes certain irritants for cities, developers must receive greater support from municipalities.

Cities can donate land for example or reduce taxes, she indicates.

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In addition to the construction project for a Martin-Matte House on which she has been working for more than a year, Andrée Laforest mentioned that she is also working on the creation of two student residences, one in Jonquière and one in Chicoutimi.

I'm going to continue at 200,000 an hour, it's important, we have three years left.

A quote from Andrée Laforest

A few days before the resumption of parliamentary work, the minister understands that several files must be addressed simultaneously.

Education, health with services faster, the economy and the environment are always part of our priorities, she mentioned.

She therefore supports her leader François Legault who, during the caucus, invited his troops to focus on the priorities of the party he founded in 2011.< /p>

We've had more difficult years, we can't hide it, but we are motivated.

A quote from Andrée Laforest

Asked about the level of confidence felt on the ground in relation to her work and that of her party, Minister Laforest replied that she hopes that it is still there.

I hope people have confidence in the work I do in the county, but certainly people have expectations. Our projects have progressed here in Chicoutimi in 2023. We have delivered so many projects. We must continue to be present. We will continue the battle, she argued.

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