Minister José Gavidia used a state plane to travel with his daughters

Minister José Gavidia used a state plane to travel with his daughters

The Navy gave information to “Punto final”, but the FAP refused.

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Minister José Gavidia used a state plane to travel with his daughters

Gavidia said he was available for any investigation.

The Defense Minister, José Gavidia, used a Navy plane to travel with her daughters to Huánuco for three days.

As reported by “Punto final”, the trip took place from March 13 to 15. According to the minister's agenda, he had to carry out an official activity in Huánuco on March 14.

Officials and the daughters of Gavidia, 11, 15 and 31 years old, according to information from the Navy.

In response to “Punto final”, the minister admitted having traveled with his daughters. He added that he did so because the date coincided with the visiting regime for which he shares tenure.

The Ministry of Defense said that the trip was prolonged due to allegedly bad weather, and that Gavidia's daughters did not receive travel expenses.

Criminal expert Fernando Silva pointed out that the crime of embezzlement punishes the official who uses state assets for a different purpose or to obtain his own benefit.

On the other hand, “Punto final” revealed that the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) refused to hand over the passenger lists of official flights because it was confidential information and contain names of relatives of ministers. This despite the fact that the Navy did agree to a similar request.

After the report was issued, Gavidio said on Twitter: “I categorically deny having carried out a family outing to Huánuco; since it was a business trip to attend an important work agenda commissioned by the President of the Republic. When making this trip I was forced to take my daughters, because on the aforementioned date I was in charge of their care and at the same time I had to carry out my work as an authority. I could not avoid my responsibility as a father, according to an agreed visitation regime.” ]