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Minister Joly says she supports both Michaels | Canada-Relations China

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Mélanie Joly arrived in Brussels on Tuesday as part of a two-day summit of NATO foreign ministers.

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The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs , Mélanie Joly, considers that it is “false” and “completely unacceptable” to suggest that diplomats Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor could have been involved in espionage activities in China.

I cannot be clearer: there were no espionage activities.

A quote from Mélanie Joly, Minister of Affairs Foreign Affairs of Canada

Believing in these allegations is tantamount to falling into China's narrative, the minister said during a press conference. p>

Last week, Michael Kovrig rejected allegations made by his ex-detainee in China, Michael Spavor, reported by the Globe and Mail the previous week.

Canada-China Relations

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Canada-China Relations

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According to these claims, Michael Spavor gave information about North Korea to Michael Kovrig, who, in turn, passed it on to intelligence agencies, leading to their detention in China.

The government and I completely support both Michaels, and certainly what Michael Kovrig is currently saying when he proclaims his innocence, insisted Mélanie Joly.

Minister Joly also ensures that there are no espionage activities within Global Affairs Canada through the global security reporting program, a program within which Michael worked. Kovrig.

Essentially, they are diplomats who do their job transparently, registered as diplomats. They are Canada's eyes and ears on the ground, as are all diplomats around the world.

A quote from Mélanie Joly, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Created in 2002, the Global Security Reporting Program is a specialized diplomatic reporting aimed at gathering information on security and stability in specific countries through open diplomatic means.

Officers in this program are accredited and registered diplomats whose primary responsibility is to gather information openly through networks of governmental and non-governmental contacts about intelligence priorities that are not covered by other members of the security and intelligence apparatus.

Source : Special Report on Global Affairs Canada's National Security and Intelligence Activities (2022)

We are completely comfortable with the work of Global Affairs [Canada] around the world, the minister also emphasized.

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