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Minister France-Élaine Duranceau contravened the ;éethics

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The Minister of Housing, France-Élaine Duranceau. (Archive photo)


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The Minister of ;Habitation, France-Élaine Duranceau, has indeed made a mistake, according to Ariane Mignolet, Ethics Commissioner of the National Assembly.

Ms. Duranceau improperly favored the personal interests of one of her friends,” explains the commissioner in her report, emphasizing a significant close relationship and that a business link exists between them at time of the facts.

The Minister played an active and decisive role in acting as a drop-off point for interventions towards his office in the absence of a clear and defined procedure for handling the organization of meetings.

A quote from Extract from the press release from the Ethics Commissioner of the National Assembly

This is the result of an investigation which began in last June in connection with a meeting between Minister Duranceau and her friend and business partner, Annie Lemieux, who also acted as a lobbyist for her and the Minister of Seniors, Sonia Bélanger

A person cannot benefit from direct and privileged access to a minister simply because he or she holds the latter's personal contact details. It is clear that in the presence of a significant proximity bond, a watertight boundary must separate the personal and professional spheres of the life of an elected person, it is also indicated.

Despite this breach of the code, the commissioner does not recommend sanctions against Minister Duranceau.

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The minister admitted to having acted imprudently and now understands her error, made moreover at all start of his first term. In addition to now being made aware of the existence of ethical principles and applicable rules of conduct, she is committed to promptly following training, we can read.

The Prime Minister, François Legault, also concluded that it was an honest mistake with no financial impact.

The opening of this investigation took place following a request made by the Liberal MP for Nelligan, Monsef Derraji.

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