millionaires vs. Santa Fe: This is how the last capital classics have ended with the 'Ambassador' being local

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This Sunday, November 6, a new capital classic will take place in the BetPlay League. The ambassador team arrives at the duel after becoming champion of the BetPlay Cup

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Millionaires vs. Santa Fe: This is how the last capital classics ended with the ‘Ambassador’ being local

This is how the ambassador team has done in the last home games against Santa Fe. Photo: Colprensa

The home runs begin in the BetPlay League. Gone is the all-against-all phase and the best eight teams have already they are ready to face the home runs. The classifieds, Santa Fe, Águilas Doradas, Medellín, Millonarios, Pereira, Pasto, América and Junior already know who their rivals will be in this new round of the contest. One of the most attractive duels of the day will be played by two staunch rivals, the two clubs from the Colombian capital.

Thegroup Awas made up of Santa Fe , Millionaires, Pereira and Junior, while group Bfeatured America, Pasto, Medellin and Golden Eagles. This means that in this new stage of the tournament we will be able to experience two capital classics between blue and red. On the one hand, there are those led by Alberto Gamero who come to the duel after becoming champions of the BetPlay Cup, while those led by Alfredo Arias finished the first phase as the best team in the tournament.

In the first match between these two teams Millionaireswill officiate at home against his eternal rival on the court. The 'Ambassador' team was able to face a regular moment in the tournament in which, despite accumulating a large number of victories, they had a bad streak of eight games without winning, something that almost cost them qualification for the next round of the BetPlay League. a victory against Alianza Petrolera allowed him to qualify. Added to this is the 2-0 win against Junior in the final of the BetPlay Cup, which allowed him to be crowned champion.

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On the other hand, there is Independiente Santa Fe, a team that has gone from less to more in the contest and that despite all the forecasts, not only qualified among the top eight, but also did so in the first position with 34 points, product of 10 wins and four draws. Alfredo Arias' team has given the surprise in the competition and has been consolidating itself as one of the clubs to be the protagonist in this phase of the tournament.

The last classic

Although in thelast classic from the capital, Santa Fe officiated at home against Millonarios, that game had a great impact on both teams since the 'blues' prevailed with a two-goal advantage and in the 65th minute the 'Cardenal' team gave them the return leg and signed a 3-2 scoreline.

In that match Israel Alba opened the scoring at 28' and over 65' Yuber Quiñónes scored the second of the match for Gamero's men, two minutes later Jefferson Rivasdiscounted, at 70′ Neyder Moreno scored the partial tie and Wilson Morelo, at 76′ gave victory to Alfredo Arias's team and in this way Santa Fe was able to break that streak refusal before his patio rival.

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Millionaires vs. Santa Fe: This is how the last capital classics ended with the ‘Ambassador’ being local

This is how the ambassador team has done in the last home games against Santa Fe. Photo: Colprensa

The last 10 home games with Millonarios in the league

In this first meeting between the two clubs in the capital, Millonarios will have the presence of their fans in the stands, something that could serve as a determining factor in the match that will take place this Sunday, November 6 at 4:00 p.m. This is how the ‘Ambassador’ has done against Santa Fe, officiating at home.

March 20, 2017– Millionaires 3-0 Santa Fe | Goals: Cadavid, Ayron del Valle and Machado

July 17, 2017– Millionaires 0-1 Santa Fe | Goal: Juan Valencia

December 14, 2017 – Millionaires 1-0 Santa Fe | Goal: Matías de los Santos

November 11, 2018– Millionaires 0-3 Santa Fe | Goals: Wilson Morelo

March 29, 2018 – Millionaires 1-1 Santa Fe | Goals: Burbano (SFE) and Fabián González (MIL)

October 24, 2019 – Millionaires 2-4 Santa Fe | Goals: Balanta Sambueza and Velásquez (SFE) and Salazar (GEP) and José Ortiz

March 4, 2020 – Millionaires 0-0 Santa Fe

August 8, 2021– Millionaires 0-1 Santa Fe | Goal: Ronaldo Dinolis

April 25, 2022 – Millionaires 2-1 Santa Fe | Goals: Diego Herazo and Francisco Meza (GEP), Neyder – Moreno (SFE)

September 4, 2022 – Millionaires 2-0 Santa Fe | Goals: Carlos Gómez

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The match between Millonarios and Santa Fe could not be more even in terms of numbers since of the last 10 games in which 'El Embajador' has been local, they have won four times, while Santa Fe has also won four chances and have drawn just twice. The blue team has scored nine goals in the last ten matches, while the Albirrojo has added 11 goals.