Millionaires fans are prohibited from entering Bucaramanga.

September 12, 2021 by archyde

Bucaramanga authorities reported that the city will remain this Sunday with closed borders, this during the football match that will be lived in that city between the Athletic Bucaramanga and Millonarios FC.

The sports meeting for the Colombian league, will be held at the Alfonso López Stadium, about 2:00 pm, and as reported by the Bucaramanga mayor’s office: “having only the presence of the local fans.”

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Millionaires fans are prohibited from entering Bucaramanga.

The decision not to allow the fans of Millonaries FC It was from the Local Commission for Security, Comfort and Coexistence of Soccer. The entity pointed out that the measure is taken “in order to avoid disturbances of public order.”

And I add: “With this determination the fans of the capital team will not be able to enter the stadium, nor to the city”.

By messages in networks they prohibit the entry of fans to Bucaramanga

This determination would have been motivated for information on possible confrontations between the fans, obtained through messages detected on social networks.

It was worth nothing the good behavior of the fans of Millonarios to El Campín during the week, when the team returned to receive its audience that came en masse to the stadium to enjoy football in peace.

It was also known that the Police in Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Magdalena Medio and Santander were previously notified, this to not allow the transit of buses with fans of the Millonarios team.

According to the authorities, the measure is sustained in no less than four massive events taking place this weekend within the framework of the Bucaramanga Livestock Fair.

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