“Million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine” – in exchange for registration, ALP.COM gives donations for the Ukrainian army

“Million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine” – in exchange for registration, ALP.COM gives donations for the Ukrainian army

Photo: Vitaly Bodnar 

Vitaly Bodnar, who blocked 300 thousand Russian users on the BTC-Alpha crypto exchange, announced the launch of a new company. According to him, this decision was overdue even before the start of the war.

"I am launching a new organization, initially licensed. It is no secret that I know how to work with crypto and it will be a crypto exchange. But why am I not just rebranding, but launching another company? To avoid childhood illnesses that were at BTC-Alpha. Starting with a domain name, which is complex and incomprehensible, ending with the documents required for investment banks. We expect to scale very quickly and seriously», – said Vitaliy Bodnar.

"We want to build a skyscraper in the world of cryptocurrencies"

In Ukraine, a crypto developer knows a narrow circle of people, since Vitaliy's previous project – crypto exchange BTC-Alpha, – worked on the international market. BTC-Alpha is transferred to the management of a new CEO, and Vitaliy intends to capture the Ukrainian market from the start of the new ALP.COM exchange, and then scale up to the market of Europe and other countries. The license that Bodnar's company has already received, allows you to work with 80 countries in Europe and the world, where cryptocurrencies are regulated by laws.

“Upon reaching certain results, we will work on obtaining an American license,” – says Bodnar. In his opinion, now the second wave of interest in the crypto business is brewing all over the world after 2018, but unlike the first, in addition to general interest, attempts have begun to regulate this market.

"Million for the Armed Forces of Ukraine" - in exchange for registration, ALP.COM gives donations for the Ukrainian army

"I am in favor of making the rules as clear as possible and as impossible. When there are clear rules, it will be clear what taxes will be paid for what, then it will be easier to work with banks. When this happens, they will remain afloat only giants, small platforms will disappear, so we need to grow quickly and aggressively, – Vitaly shares.

At the new ALP.COM cryptoexchange, the development team has changed the approach to working with – significantly accelerated the core and transaction processing, added new functionality, which will be exclusively on ALP.COM .

Start from Ukraine, a million for the Armed Forces

Vitaliy Bodnar was born and raised in the Vinnytsia region. Part of his team lives and works in Ukraine. Therefore, the decision to start with Ukraine looks logical. But instead of spending money on a classic advertising campaign, Bodnar decided to support the Ukrainians and the Armed forces of the country.

In the literal sense ALP.COM will distribute money for registration – UAH 150. The promotion is designed only for citizens of Ukraine. In order to receive funds, you will need to verify. After that, 150 UAH will be credited to your account.

The promotion is not limited in time and will last until the exchange gives out 1 million UAH. For each invited user, you can get 25 UAH. The user who received these funds disposes of them as he sees fit – he can keep them for himself or transfer them to the needs of the Armed Forces.

"We would like the maximum amount of funds to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This can be done both through us and withdrawn to the card and donations. This is a personal decision of each user. I believe in Ukrainians", – said Vitaliy Bodnar.

The crypto exchange team does not hide – their goal – make an advertisement. But in order to help someone, you must first help yourself.

"This is an advertisement, but we just want to give money to advertising platforms. If possible, we should make the start useful to society.&nbsp ;After all, many people want to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but there is no money. Here is a real case to do it. Each person's involvement in something great – this is great».

The action will be transparent, the developers assure. All donations will be shown on a separate page.

By the way, withdrawal of the hryvnia from the platform to the hryvnia card is possible at 0% commission .

Let's register – Let's help the Armed Forces of Ukraine together!

Source: UNN