Milla Jasmine very olé-olé: she confides in her torrid night with her husband

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Milla Jasmine very olé-olé: she confides in her torrid night with her husband

Milla Jasmine is a fulfilled woman. The reality TV candidate confided in her torrid night with her husband Lorenzo.

The pretty brunette has had many disappointments in love in the past. We remember in particular his very tumultuous relationship with Mujdat Saglam. The latter left her during a filming of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World. Milla Jasmine was then in a relationship with Anthony Alcaraz, but these two were not ultimately on the same wavelength. For two years now, the influencer has shared the life of a man named Lorenzo. The latter seems to be very happy with her darling. However, she remains quite discreet about her private life in order to preserve her relationship.

Last year, the young woman created the surprise by announcing on Instagram that she had just married. Milla Jasmine united with Lorenzo in the Seychelles. However, this relationship has caused controversy on the web. Indeed, when these two got together, Lorenzo was still married to his ex Nélia. He is also already the father of four children. Internet users then accused the reality TV candidate of having broken up a family. Despite everything, Lorenzo and Milla Jasmine managed to stay united. A few weeks ago, they welcomed their first child and are now happier than ever. Recently, the young mother made very intimate confidences about her husband.

Milla Jasmine is a fulfilled woman

So far, the influencer has always preserved the identity of his companion. She has never revealed the face of Lorenzo. A few days ago, Milla Jasmine, however, made a departure from this rule. She has indeed unveiledthe shirtless body of her husband while hiding his face. That same day, one of his followers wrote to him:“It's obvious you're going tchoukou tchoukou today”. Milla Jasmine then replied, “Wow, how visible is that?” lol”. An olé-olé confidence that actively reacted to its fans on social networks. The Rest of the World contestant is truly the happiest woman in the world since she's been with Lorenzo.