Military exercises “Worthy partner – 2022” will be held in Georgia

Military exercises “Worthy partner – 2022” will be held in Georgia

Georgia will host military exercises

Georgian military at the opening ceremony of the exercises «Worthy Partner -2018 (archive photo)   Military exercises to be held in Georgia «Worthy partner – 2022»

Military personnel from twenty countries will take part in the maneuvers

Georgia will host the Noble Partner 2022 multinational military exercise for the sixth time. According to the military department of the country, approximately 2,400 military personnel from 20 countries will take part in them.

The purpose of the exercises is to increase combat readiness and improve operational cooperation between partner countries in ensuring a stable and secure environment in the Black Sea region .

Among the participants in the maneuvers are the USA, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Greece, Great Britain, Turkey, Slovakia, Norway, Hungary, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Poland, the Multinational Brigade of Lithuania-Poland-Ukraine and – for the first time – Sweden and Japan.

The Georgian Ministry of Defense did not give an exact date for the start of the maneuvers, but last week its representative said that American military equipment had already begun to arrive in Georgia from Germany for the exercises.

The Worthy Partner 2022 exercise will be held at the NATO-Georgia Joint Training Center and at the Vaziani military base, located near Tbilisi.

Political scientist Alexander Mikiashvili notes that against the backdrop of the recent increase in anti-Western statements from outside It is especially important for the ruling Georgian Dream party and a number of politicians close to it to hold the next Worthy Partner exercises.

Nevertheless, given the current mood in the ruling circles of Georgia, i.e., criticism of the partner countries, including the United States and the EU states, the expert also emphasizes that the Georgian Dream is hardly set to use all available opportunities for rapprochement with NATO and the EU.

“Of course, the fact that the exercises continue and the number of participating countries is growing is very encouraging. This is a message that in the region Georgia is an important partner for the US and NATO. Although, given the cascade of accusations and attacks against Western partners by the ruling circles and those close to them that have been going on for several months, one can hardly expect breakthrough steps from Tbilisi on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration,” Mikiashvili states.

Recall that in recent months, some deputies who left the ruling party (according to their statements – in order to “be able to tell the truth”) accused US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan of “weakening state institutions and strengthening the radical opposition” of the country, as well as in coordinating attempts to change power in the country.

In response, Kelly Degnan stated that the accusations made by MPs against the United States and other countries are senseless conspiracy theories without any basis.

Earlier, at a meeting with students in Batumi, the US Ambassador called “100% Russian disinformation” claims that the US allegedly wants to drag Georgia into the war.

Giorgi Mchedlishvili from the University of Europe in Tbilisi noted in an interview with the Voice of America Russian Service that the fact that the Worthy Partner exercise in Georgia in an expanded format is “in complete harmony” with both Georgia’s officially declared goals (i.e., integration into the Euro-Atlantic structure) and the main threat to security posed by the Russian Federation.

“What is happening in Ukraine once again underlines the danger of being close to the Russian Federation and the correctness of Georgia’s declared foreign policy,” Mchedlishvili emphasizes.< br />
At the same time, the political scientist believes that the existence of contradictions and a “verbal skirmish” between adherents of the Georgian Dream and the US Embassy in Tbilisi is mainly a “consequence of the internal political struggle in Georgia”, as well as the fact that, unlike the Donald Trump administration, which , according to the expert, “was little guided by the problems of democratic governance in relations with its partners,” the Joe Biden administration made upholding democracy a top political priority.

Georgia. This tension has a negative impact, but does not negate the strategic partnership between Washington and Tbilisi. The partnership and assistance from America continues. Moreover, in the ratings for democracy and various freedoms, Georgia occupies a rather high place (against the background of other countries of the Eastern Partnership). Yes, we have not received the status of a candidate for the European Union, unlike Ukraine and Moldova, but it seems to me that obtaining this status is not a matter of very long time,” the expert concludes.