Mikhail Kokshenov was crying before he died, ashamed of his infirmity

Mikhail Kokshenov cried herself to death because she was afraid that the audience will see him feeble. Fans to the last supported the artist by sending him kind letters, and he wanted at least one meeting with them.

Михаил Кокшенов плакал перед смертью, стыдясь своей немощности

About how he spent the last years of the life of Michael Aksenova, told his wife Natalia lepekhina. According to the wife, they often walked around “Mosfilm”, since I live nearby. He looked at the shelves, but her eyes were full of tears. He was interested in every good word and he often cried because he felt ashamed of his infirmity. The actor knew that the audience remember him as cheerful and happy as he was in the Comedy film “Sportloto-82” and dreamed about meeting fans. In the spring of 2020 Mikhail Kokshenov completed planned treatment after the incident in 2017 stroke. The wife told that her husband is already walking around the hospital. Most of all he liked to talk with his wife about the films in which he appeared and his many roles in movies. These conversations made it a lot fresher.

Михаил Кокшенов плакал перед смертью, стыдясь своей немощности

The evening of June 4 Michael Aksenova, whose fans are rightly considered the “king of Comedy”, did not. At the time of the death of national artist of Russia, was 83. Wife Natalia lepekhina took the funeral itself. Wife says it’s the last thing she can do for your Misha. Artist will be buried on the Mitinsky cemetery, writes Sobesednik.ru.

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