Miguel Polo Polo affirms that no one has died due to inequality and criticism rains down on him

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Senator Inti Asprilla assured that he will only limit himself to laughing at the representative's statements for blackness

Miguel Polo Polo affirms that no one has died due to inequality and criticism rains down on him

Congressman Miguel Polo Polo clarified why he appears in the contributory health regime. Photo: @miguelpolopolo

A barrage of criticism was received by the representative of the Chamber for blackness, Miguel Polo Polo, after a fragment of one of his interventions in the Congress of Colombia, in which he assures “of inequality no one has died, that is the truth”.

In the short recording, which came to light on Thursday, November 24, the controversial congressman from Sucre repeated one of the theses of the political right in which he is active: that the unequal distribution of resources is not detrimental to societies. This idea is contrary to that of progressives, such as the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, who consider that the redistribution of resources —with measures such as comprehensive agrarian reform— is not only morally correct, but also necessary.

< p class="paragraph">Precisely, members of the government bench and supporters of Petro have come out to criticize Polo Polo's statements in a context like Colombia, marked by disputes over land tenure and natural resources. “'No one has died of inequality'. It is not necessary to be outraged, let's just take advantage of it to laugh,” said the senator of the Alianza Verde party, Inti Asprilla. For her part, Senator María José Pizarro, from the Historical Pact, described the comment as humiliating .

The representative to the Chamber for Nariño, Erick Velasco, added: “Did you know that 70% of Colombians consider inequality to be “completely unacceptable”? Only 3% find inequality in the country acceptable, among them @MiguelPoloP and @MariaFdaCabal”. The Bogotá councilor, Luis Carlos Leal, appealed to the representative's sense of humor: “The truth is that neither in Poland nor in any other country has there been a congressman with such acid humor,” he said.

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