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Migrants: National Guard will be sent to the Arizona-Mexico border | The migrant crisis

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US National Guard soldiers in Eagle Pass, Texas, on the border with Mexico. (Archive photo)

Agence France-Presse

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The Democratic governor of Arizona, in the southwest of the United States, announced Friday that she would send National Guard soldiers to her state's border with Mexico, accusing it of administration of Joe Biden to “refuse to do its job” in the face of the influx of migrants.

Katie Hobbs, whose state is eyed by Republicans in the next elections, last week castigated her Democratic comrade in the White House after its decision to close a border crossing point.

Once again, the federal government refuses to do its job to secure our border, the governor declared in her Friday order.

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Arizona needs resources and hands to reopen the Lukeville crossing, manage the influx of migrants and maintain a secure border, orderly, and humane, she said.

The migrant crisis

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The migrant crisis

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Despite repeated requests for help, the Biden administration has refused to provide desperately needed resources to the Arizona border, added the governor.

Several towns near the Lukeville border crossing depend on it for their economic survival, and its closure has affected families on both sides of the border.

With the 2024 presidential election a year away, illegal immigration is a highly political issue in the United States, with Republicans accusing ruling Democrats of turning the borders into a sieve.

And some Democrats in key states, like Arizona, are in the hot seat over the issue.

From January to the end of September 2023, Border Patrol agents recorded some 2.4 million encounters with migrants – a record – both at official points of entry into the United States and elsewhere along the the southern border.

In October alone, they recorded 240,000 more.

Donald Trump displays fiery rhetoric on immigration, which his electoral base rejoices in. The former president, favorite for the Republican primaries, notably promised to use the army to completely close the border, without providing a detailed program.

The issue is thorny for Joe Biden, who faces calls on the left for a more humane migration system, while on the right he is urged to put in place more rigorous controls .

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