Midget AAA hockey: a resumption of activities in February?

Midget AAA hockey: a resumption of activities in February?

The Quebec Midget AAA Hockey League (LHMAAAQ) wishes to resume the season on February 17, but this return is currently hypothetical since it will depend on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is what the development circuit revealed on Wednesday while indicating that it takes the fight against the coronavirus very seriously. Until then, teams will be able to resume training when they return to school, currently scheduled for Jan. 18 in high schools across the province.

“We are aware that the situation is alarming and that the government has no choice but to impose severe measures on the people of Quebec – an electric shock as the Prime Minister said”, indicated the president of the circuit. , Yanick Lévesque, in a press release published Wednesday.

“Our teams are privileged to be able to resume training. We intend to take advantage of this opportunity and do everything to respect the instructions of Public Health. Our teams are aware of these when we look at the situation prevailing in Quebec at the height of this second wave. ”

As it stands, each team would play 32 games and the regular season will end on May 23. Several other scenarios remain on the table, however, if it is impossible to resume action on February 17.

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