Miderec and Gabinete Social will hold a 3×3 basketball tournament

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  • Miderec and Gabinete Social will hold 3x3 basketball tournament

    Gabino Hernández, left, Carlos Camacho, Alex Mirdán, Kennedy Vargas, William Asencio and Leopoldo Portes Soler.

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) and the Government's Social Policy Cabinet announced the celebration for this Friday of the First 3×3 Basketball Tournament, which will have The open courts of the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center were used as the setting.

The announcement was made by the Vice Minister of Sports, Kennedy Vargas, who highlighted The initiative of the Cabinet of Social Policy of the Government with the celebration of this event that will gather He attended a large number of athletes.

“We feel extremely happy to receive you because you know the responsibility we have as a ministry with the youth of the neighborhoods,” Vargas at a press conference at the offices of the Ministry of Sports.

He explained that since Gabino Hernández visited him He asked a month ago to ask him about holding the event, he was automatically answered with a question. affirmatively, since they are more than committed, as are President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, to bring healthy sports fun to Dominican children and youth.

He remembered So, because we understand that 3×3 basketball is the number one urban sport in the world, the Ministry of Sports, in the person of engineer Francisco Camacho, will give the right to support. You will receive all the support so that the fair is a complete success.

On your side, the executive director of the program Alex Mordán, representing Tony Peña Guaba, coordinator of the Cabinet, emulated The words of Vice Minister Kennedy Vargas when expressing that the purpose of the Social Policy Cabinet is to guarantee the access of the most vulnerable sectors to the country's public and social services.

“Holding this 3×3 basketball tournament is more than a challenge for the cabinet led by our coordinator Tony Peña Guaba, since it forces us to provide all the facilities so that those young athletes who will participate ;even in the contest, do it in a dignified manner,” Mordññ that this joust will not be the first to be held by the Social Policy Cabinet  of the Government with the Ministry of Sports, but rather the intergovernmental agreement between both cabinets will continue to apply.

the Vice Minister of Sports, Leopoldo Portes Soler, also spoke Gabino Hernández, coordinator of the Cabinet, and Carlos Camacho. William Asencio, in charge of Sports of the Cabinet, was also present.

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