Miderec and BanReservas will enable the Dominican Sports Museum

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  • Miderec and BanReservas will set up the Dominican Sports Museum

    The Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, and the general manager of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra , took a tour of the Dominican Sports Museum.

The Minister of Sports and Recreation, Francisco Camacho, and the general administrator of the Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra, announced this Wednesday an inter-institutional agreement to enable the Dominican Sports Museum, located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center .

The information was released by both officials, after touring the building.

that they are complying with precise instructions given to them by the police officer. President Luis Abinader, which will be carried out to the letter.

“This work will recover It has the splendor it deserves, since it had only four walls for 10 years, but that will change. and we very kindly thank the administrator of the Banco de Reservas for supporting this initiative” Camacho.

So many people now talk about the museum, "but they don't remember that it was there 10 years ago. and we will be the ones who will put it into operation as it should be”.

And he continued: “Thanks to President Luis Abinader it will be carried out and with the help of our friend Samuel Pereyra we will make this a reality”.

On his side, Pereyra declared: that he thanks his friend, the Sports Minister, Francisco Camacho, for the opportunity he has to support in giving more life to the Dominican Sports Museum.

He said that the work, when it is & eacute; enabled, it will be It is open to the public so that they come to observe and contemplate the props, photos, videos, where the stories of the legends, the great glories and immortals of the sport will be collected.

“Inside As part of our social responsibility to support sports, we are going to hire museographers and an engineering staff to make the adjustments to the place and put it into service”, he stressed. Pereyra.

He stated that he thanks Camacho for connecting him with this initiative.

“We took the opportunity to take a tour of the Olympic Center sports facilities, they are well preserved, very amazed & rdquo ;, he added. Pereyra.

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