Microsoft really screwed up and admitted defeat

Microsoft has described what is considered a “cancer” industry of free software

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Microsoft совершила огромную глупость и признала поражение

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Speaking at the event, organized by the Laboratory for computer science and artificial intelligence Massachusetts Institute of technology (CSAIL), General counsel President of Microsoft brad Smith said: “Microsoft has stepped on the wrong path in history when the beginning of the century open source literally blew up the industry.” Thus, he acknowledged that the company’s position in relation to open source was completely wrong.

At the turn of the century open source (software open source) was a sworn enemy of Microsoft. The then CEO Steve Ballmer in 2001 just called Linux “a cancer” and even compared it to communism. “Linux is not public domain. Linux is a cancer that devours everything it touches in the sense of intellectual property. So his license,” – it was Ballmer.

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However, after almost 20 years, the company has now recognized, was fundamentally wrong. Soon Microsoft co-founder bill gates has acknowledged the benefit of the GPL license (GNU General Public License). Since Microsoft position changed. Even Ballmer admitted “love” for Linux.

Moreover, the change of position relative to open source it 180 degrees allowed Microsoft to get ahead of the competition in the face of Facebook, Docker, Google as the largest participant in projects open source. In 2018, the company acquired a GitHub code repository for developers, for $ 7.5 billion. “When we look at GitHub, we see it as building for the development of open source, and we see our responsibility as his Manager, to make it safe, productive building,” said Smith.

Support for Microsoft open source code includes a complete Linux kernel in the next Windows update and partnership with Canonical to add Ubuntu to their operating system. Last year Edge browser went to the open Chromium and rebooted PowerToys as a project open source for Windows 10.

Earlier, Microsoft and Elon Musk has created a powerful computer in the world. The experts also called top threat to Windows 10, which was suddenly in danger.

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