Microsoft is preparing a global update for Windows 10

Microsoft is preparing a major update of its operating system Windows 10. Update got the name Iron (Fe), and testing should start soon.

Microsoft готовит глобальное обновление для Windows 10

Not so long ago, the release of the updates 2020 (v2004). However, the developer is not in place, and is already preparing to deploy tests of new package additions and corrections for Windows 10. It is assumed that Iron (Fe) will see the world until the first half of next year. To assess the ability of update specialists will begin in June. It is too early to talk about what changes will bring the update. At the same time, sources claim that Microsoft will introduce a new Start menu, change the design of icons, while the live tiles are a thing of the past.

High probability that some innovations in the interface is not limited. Expected including support for DirectX WSL2.

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