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Microsoft introduced Copilot+ computers with artificial intelligence functions

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May23,2024

Microsoft introduced Copilot+ computers with artificial intelligence functions

Computer Copilot+ computers/Allison Johnson

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella presented a new brand of Copilot Plus PC laptops with built-in artificial intelligence and support for its functions in the operating system. Radio Maximum explains the details.

One of the built-in features is called Recall, which tracks all activity on the computer, including site views and voice chats, to create a local history, which can then be used to search for information.

Recall retains information even if it was used several months ago. However, Microsoft notes that the feature will only work on the local device and will ensure privacy.

Among other features, the computers also have Live Captions, thanks to which you can translate English subtitles from more than 40 languages ​​of the world in real time. Windows will also be able to automatically enhance the quality of images and videos.

Thanks to the Cocreator function, users can describe in words what they want to create and get the corresponding images. And the Windows Studio function will improve lighting conditions and allow you to apply artistic styles during video calls. In addition, Copilot will support OpenAI GPT-4o models.

Natasha Kumar

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