Microsoft and Elon Musk has created a powerful computer in the world

The supercomputer will train a massive model of artificial intelligence next generation

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Microsoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, has created a supercomputer that runs on the cloud-based Azure technologies. The resulting “computer monster” entered TOP 5 most powerful computers in the world. However to play it will not work – it is used for specific tasks. One of his goals will be the training of a massive AI-models of the next generation, able to perform a wider range of functions and consequently require high computational resources. The company announced in its largest technology conference, Microsoft Build 2020.

The supercomputer, designed for OpenAI is a single system with more than 285 thousands of cores (CPU core), 10 thousand graphics processors (GPU) and speed of the network connection 400 gigabits per second for each server. Due to the location in the Azure cloud supercomputer has the advantages of modern cloud infrastructure, including rapid deployment, reliability of data centers and access Azure services.

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Mainframe from Microsoft will help the experts of artificial intelligence to expand the boundaries of machine learning. If before computers were trained in the object recognition and text translation, with more powerful computing systems from the Microsoft machine will be able to understand the nuances of speech, grammar, concepts and context, and even to perform multiple functions, like summing up the long speeches, to moderate the chat in online games and even generate the code for the search results on GitHub.

Microsoft, for example, has developed its own family of such models – Microsoft Turing models, and the largest of the currently existing language model with 17 parameters Turing billions of Natural Language Generation (T-NLG). The company also announced that soon will open the code Tyuningovykh models and methods of teaching in Azure Machine Learning.

Microsoft и Илон Маск создали мощнейший компьютер в мире

Microsoft will help the experts of artificial intelligence to expand the boundaries of machine learning

The development of a new supercomputer for OpenAI – the first step on the way to make the next generation a massive AI-models and infrastructure needed for their training accessible to a wide range of organizations and developers worldwide.

Earlier, Elon Musk is prepared to “unkillable” supercomputer with the autopilot. Previously scientists have developed a supercomputer that has created billions of universes in a moment.

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