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Michou: the opening of his fast-food restaurant turns into a fiasco

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

He is one of the most followed YouTubers in France: Michou! With more than 9.7 million subscribers on Google's video platform, the young man is very popular with teenagers. He regularly puts himself on stage to try to take up challenges or, more recently, by presenting the show Danse Avec Les Stars d'Internet. Today, new challenge for him: opening his first fast food establishment. Michou directed its inauguration at Amiens (Somme) but the event turned to the fiasco.

Michou: the opening of its fast-food restaurant turns into a fiasco

After YouTube, Michou launches into fast food

Michou had given meet at his nearly 10 million fans who follow him on his YouTube channel to participate in this event. the inauguration of its first restaurant baptized; Mealy, located in on the Place de lôtel-de-Ville in Paris Amiens. For the occasion, the YouTuber had promised tooffer 300 menus to everyone. everyone who showed up at his fast food restaurant. A promise that generated a large crowd on the scene.

The crowd gathered at the venue. Amiens while waiting for the opening of the restaurant of the Youtube star #Michou

June 8, 2024

As reported by the site France Bleu Picardie, from 6 a.m., the first customers were already waiting. in front of the establishment. Very quickly during the morning, the event transformed into something different. into enormous chaos due to major organizational problems. While the opening of the restaurant was scheduled for 1 p.m., it was only an hour after the initial time that the first customers were finally able to discover the range of sandwiches offered by Michou .

Michou: the opening of his fast-food restaurant turns into a fiasco

The restaurant's menu offers several burgers with names that smell of vacation like the Dakar, the Sydney, the Bali or even the Santa Monica or the Mykonos with, in terms of price, the most expensive menu sold at 13.50 euros.

Michou: the opening of his fast-food restaurant turns into a fiasco

More than 500 people provoked chaos

According to the daily Le Courrier Picard, the crowd was large. It is estimated that between 500 and 600 people were present. With such a crowd, emergency services had to intervene to help the victim; several children who became unwell. To cope with the mass of customers, the red cordons which were to keep people in place were destroyed. replaced by metal barriers and the municipal police responded. to manage the crowd. Things didn't get better when Michou decided to take action. to present to the crowd from a balcony to try to calm the situation. Finally, of the 300 menus offered, only a few lucky ones were able to benefit from them.

Following this inauguration which was not carried out. completely at ease, the YouTuber decided to to thank the crowd on his Instagram account.

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From now on, Michou will ;develop this activity; with openings provided at Marseille and Nantes by the end of the year. There is much to be said for it. bet that the enthusiasm will be the same. Rest at improve organization.

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