Michelle Pfeiffer is freed from her demons at 62

Michelle Pfeiffer is freed from her demons at 62

She was one of the most prominent actresses of the eighties and nineties , has received three Oscar nominations and has managed to get out of the Hollywood spiral up to two times. It's been five years since Michelle Pfeiffer returned more relaxed to the film mecca and now she is celebrating her return with French Exit , a new black comedy that she stars in and with whose character she has empathized to the point of having been able to free herself from her own demons. “There is something incredibly liberating about someone who says what they think so freely. She can be rude and very cutting at times, but I love her attitude, "said the actress about Frances, the new role she plays and which she claims to have nothing to do with in reality.

Pfeiffer probably does not look much like none of his characters, and that he has a few to throw on his back. Actress by vocation and determination but not by academic preparation, the native of California came to acting after going through several beauty pageants. He made his film debut in 1980, alongside Tony Danza in The Knights of Hollywood and two years later he starred in the second part of the musical Grease . His big break came in 1983 with The Price of Power , where he shared the limelight with Al Pacino and, since then, he has worked tirelessly. Only in the next decade did she star in The Witches of Eastwick (1987), Married to Everyone (1988), The Dangerous Friendships (1988), Batman Returns (1992) and The Age of Innocence (1993) .

Turned into a real star was Precisely the excessive work that led Pfeiffer to take two four-year breaks throughout the 2000s. Back then, his loyal fans thought he had retired, but now he reveals that he simply needed to stop: “When I worked, I worked a lot. So I think people got used to seeing me a lot ”. Raising her two children and wanting to spend time with her family also played a role. “Before the children were born, my work was my life, and it was in a good way. When they were little, I could take them with me, but then it got more complicated. It became a challenge for the directors to hire me and it was easier to get someone else to play the part. " He returned in 2007 and in 2013 he took another break before coming back strong in 2017 with Mother! and Murder on the Orient Express . “I realized that my daughter was looking at universities and I thought: This is going to affect me a lot. It's time for me to make movies again, ”he now explains in an interview with Town & Country magazine, where he reveals that, although he has not stopped working in recent years, he has done so with a new maturity. “In this industry they never save your seat. It is very competitive. There is that time of transition where you are neither young nor old enough to be a grandmother. I'm at an age where parts get more interesting to me. I suppose that the moment really worked, because I don't feel that I have missed much. ”

At 62 years old, he assures that he no longer has anything to fear and, as if it were a parallel with the new role that he now assumes on screen, no He is shy about confessing that he feels ashamed of some of the characters he has played throughout his career. “I have felt better with some of the performances that the critics did not like so much. The [characters] that make me feel ashamed are, in general, the ones who get the best reviews, ”he acknowledged. “I saw The Price of Power and I said, 'oh, well I'm fine.' I rarely like my job. I only watch the movies once. It's too painful. ”

In addition to the fast-paced Hollywood beat, Michelle Pfeiffer has never welcomed the interest that celebrities' private lives elicit. By nature reserved , her reputation for turning down interviews and being a difficult actress precedes her, and she takes part of the blame. “Many times I did not maintain my composure. She wasn't good at that. I didn't get rid [of the paparazzi], but I ran away from them. They terrified me. Honestly, it was very invasive, "he recently acknowledged in another interview with Stellar magazine. This prompted the actress and her husband, American television producer David E. Kelley, to settle outside of San Francisco on a farm where they raised their two children: Claudia Rose, the daughter she adopted 26 years ago; and John Henry, the 25-year-old son of their union. Now, the four of them live in a new house in Los Angeles that they bought at the beginning of last year, and where they have been quarantined together due to the coronavirus pandemic. .

After almost 30 years married, the interpreter also enjoys a sweet moment and reflects on the success of her marriage. “We are different enough to maintain an interest in each other, but we are incredibly compatible. I think our priorities are very well matched. And I chose well; I picked a really good one, "Pfeiffer said.

In addition to one movie a year, she's been busy lately with her Henry Rose fragrance line, which she launched in 2019." The silver lining was that I had to be very focused. In the business". And last month it was announced that she will play Betty Ford in The First Lady , an upcoming series centered on three wives of former US presidents. Asked what remains to be done, Michelle Pfeiffer is clear: “I want to do more theater. It's what I wish I could have done more ”. Surely it will be a matter of time to see it on the tables.

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