Michelin and Nokian leave the Russian market with tricks

Michelin and Nokian leave the Russian market with tricks

The tire company Nokian Tires decided to leave the Russian market, really, with some tricks. The same is true for the French brand Michelin, Cotria, as a Finnish company, never leave the Russian Federation, but follow the Poplavsky principle – go and go, but never go …

More specifically, Nokian Tires will officially leave Russia, but the plant will Vsevolozhsk to continue the work! Truth be told, tire tires will be used mainly for the local market and the country of CIS. If the markets are far abroad, then the situation is ambiguous: for example, the tires of Russian manufacturing to Europe will be fenced from the cob of lime.

Michelin and Nokian leave the Russian market with cunning< /p>

Abi company was able to continue the work on the Russian market, the Russian assets of Nokian Tires will be handed over to local management for all with the option of a return. So if the sanction hysteria gets involved, the fins will be able to turn to Russia. For a similar scheme, the French tire concern Michelin, the British car holding Inchcape, that favor Renault with AVTOVAZ are close to the world of history. The rest of the decision of the head office of Nokian Tires can be praised until the end of summer, and stay out of the warehouse of the Russian business – until the end of the year. І for the whole hour the plant near Vsevolozhsk Pratsyuvatime.

Sell French tire maker to Russian enterprise near Moscow Davidov. The asset will be bought by the top management of the plant – the stench will be charged for the further release of tires, while the plant itself, with a staff of about 750 employees, is a practical example of an independent structure – except for the Michelin group. market, but actually do not go out of business. In a word, macronism…