Michael Wendler: surprising death at 73: his mother has died

Michael Wendler: surprising death at 73: his mother has died

This news could sadden Michael Wendler despite his bad relationship with his mother: Christine Tiggemann died unexpectedly at the age of 73.

As “Bild.de” reports, Christine Tiggemann died of a heart attack in her apartment in Dinslaken. Michael Wendler’s (48) father, Manfred Weßels, confirmed this.

Wendler’s father and ex-husband of the deceased said: “Your best friend wanted to call her last night and she didn’t answer. When she was still unavailable this morning, she went by, but didn’t come in. That’s why she has it Called the fire brigade and they broke into the apartment. But by then she was already dead. ”

Michael Wendler had an argument with his mother

 The  two were married for 36 years before divorcing in 2005. Although they did not necessarily part as friends, death comes very close to Weßels. Together they have the children Bettina and Michael.

 The  last time they had contact was in November.

Wendler and his parents kept making headlines, everyone washed dirty laundry on top of each other. It is unknown whether Michael and his mother finally reconciled.


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