Miami: The Ibero-American Film Festival is coming

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Argentina will be the special guest of the event, which will be attended by figures such as the Oscar-winning director for Best Foreign Film, Juan José Campanella

The Ibero-American Film Festival Miami will have Argentina as the guest of honor in its fifth edition. (IAFFM)

The Miami Ibero-American Film Festival (IAFFM) will take place from January 24 to 29, 2023. The event will feature 50 independent films that were selected from hundreds of submissions.

Argentina will be the guest of honor at this edition with the opening film, El Gerente , by director Ariel Winogard, and starring Leonardo Sbaraglia and Carla Peterson. The festival will also present an award in tribute to the career of director, screenwriter and producer Juan José Campanella, whose 2009 film, El secreto de sus ojoss, won the< b> Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Campanella will present The Tale of the Weasels.

“Argentina is the guest country and we have made an effort to bring the best of this moment in Argentine cinema and that is a part that will stand out a lot,” Fernando Arciniega commented to infobae /b>, founder and Executive Director of IAFFM.

The festival's mission is to showcase and celebrate films from Latin America, Spain and Portugalwith a high artistic level and that stand out for communicating a message of social impact. Likewise, the event supports the education and creative development of local and Ibero-American filmmakers, providing them with access to training and networking opportunities.

Argentinian director who won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, Juan José Campanella, will present The tale of the weasels.

“This year we are also betting on the industry,” said Arciniega. The event will offer three days of events related to the film industry and the Work in Progress space, created with the aim of contributing and promoting Ibero-American works that are close to being finished at an international level.

The fifth edition of the event will be attended by figures such as Estrella Arabiza, director of the Guadalajara International Film Festival; Gabriela Sandoval, executive director of the Amor Festival LGBT+ of Santiago de Chile; and Juan Esteban Montero, director of the Viña del Mar International Film Festival. Also, Taller de Chuco, the animation studio founded by Guillermo del Toro, will offer an animation workshop and will present two films, Hasta los Huesos, by René Castillo (Mexico) and Viva el rey< /b>, by Luis Téllez (Mexico).

Created in 2016 under the name Indie Pasión Festival, it was born from the foundation Hands of the South , which helps South American children. It started with a one-day event, with 5 shorts by Cuban-American directors, and by 2019 it had grown into a four-day celebration packed with screenings, forums, special events, and networking. “We have grown a lot, slowly but big. Not only at the local level, but at the Latin American level,” Arciniega concluded.

El Taller de Chuco, an animation studio founded by Guillermo del Toro, will give a workshop and present two films. (El Taller de Chuco)

The festival will also award the Rainbow Flamingo Award to one of the films presented, both fiction and documentary, with an LGBT+ theme.

The IAFFM programming will be presented in the following categories:

New Talents

It will present new works from countries with an original, autonomous and daring. Its goal is to discover talent, as well as propose innovative and challenging cinema.

Contemporary Visions

It will highlight how Ibero-American talent is capable of telling universal stories and identifying and exploring trends, themes and innovations using different genres of audiovisual language.

Ibero Art

will include all kinds of productions that mix other branches of art. It is a section dedicated to creativity, where cinema, design, cooking and music intersect.

Miami: Ibero-American Film Festival is coming

En los Márgenes, by Juan Diego Botto: three characters with three intertwined stories trying to stay afloat and survive 24 crucial hours that could change the course of their lives forever. (IAFFM)

Cinema With Meaning

The IAFFM will unite once again with one of its most important allies, the Fundación Dicapta, a non-profit organization whose mission is to guarantee equal access to information for people with hearing and/or visual disabilities.

The fifth edition of the Ibero-American Film Festival of Miami will also include a variety of events, galas, workshops and awards:


Dedicated to animation, this category will present a great selection of activities around the world of animation.

Miami Galas

Galas for high production films and special functions in collaboration with cultural institutes or film festivals. Here they will have red carpets full of glamor and great guests.

El Agua, by Elena López Riera, will be presented in the New Talents category.

Short Film Competition

16 short films will compete in this category.

IAFFM Industry (IAFFM Industry)

This section will focus on how the industry uses Miami as a bridge between Ibero-American producers. There will be a series of panels featuring professionals for anyone interested in dabbling in the world of film.

Where: Silverspot Cinema, 300 SE 3rd St # 100, Miami, FL 33131, (305) 536-5000

When: January 24-29

How much: USD 12

For more information or to obtain tickets, visit


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