Miami Beach will invest USD 159 million to promote art and culture

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Voters in the area voted in favor of a bond that will be used to finance cultural projects in the small seaside resort

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Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States

Miami Beach will invest USD 159 million to promote art and culture

Miami Beach is also home to the world's largest art fair (Photo by Tim Graham-Getty Images)

It's rare for city residents to choose to go into debt, but here's what Miami Beach voters did by overwhelmingly voting for a $159 million series of bonds the city will use to finance various cultural projects ranging from the repair of art centers to a renovation plan for the symphony, through the total repair of the Byron Carlyle theater.

It is not the first time that Miami Beach residents say 'yes' to a project of this type. Four years ago they voted to approve another set of bonds that spent $439 million in security plans for the city.

Understandably, this guy of projects comes at a cost to residents. While the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that for every $100,000 of a person's taxable assets, there would be $21 dedicated to this project.

Most of the money will be invested in the demolition and reconstruction of the Byron Carlyle Theatre, a building closed in 2019 whose structure was frequently flooded. Repairing this structure, built in the 1960s, would be more expensive than demolition and new construction. According to the budget approved by the city, $30,570,000 would be earmarked for this.

The Bass Museum, located on the famous Collins Avenue, will receive $20,100,000 to build a new wing of the building and remodel the cafeteria into a technology area where events can be held.

Miami Beach to invest $159 million to promote art and culture

The first week of December takes place in Miami Beach Art Basel, the largest art fair in the world. Cindy Ord/Getty Images/AFP

The New World Symphony Building will receive $5.7 million for renovations that include changes to prevent flooding. Similarly, the Miami City Ballet building will receive $16 million, of which it will use $12 million for renovations and set aside $4 million for an affordable worker housing project they are funding.

Miami Beach has been actively campaigning for years trying to change its image from a party destination to become an international hub with world-class cultural offerings.

“I have always believed that we limit ourselves by selling ourselves as a party destination. We will always have the beautiful beaches and great weather. But if we add these cultural destinations to that, we can be much more,” Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber told the local press, when he celebrated that the measure he supported brought more 65% of the votes.

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