Mexicans brought alcohol to Qatar despite restrictions

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FIFA released some guidelines on the ban on the sale of beer in stadiums for the 2022 World Cup

Mexicans brought alcohol into Qatar despite restrictions

Network users criticized the young man (Screenshot/Tiktok)

A few days after the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the controversies surrounding the Mexican fans have already begun, given the warnings from the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) on restrictions on the sale, consumption and carrying of alcohol, < /b>Some compatriots did not hesitate to boast from their social networks how they evaded security and brought alcoholic beverages into the country.

It was from TikTokwhere a user identified as Ricardo (@ricardo84256) shared a clip where you can see how a Mexican tourist walks through one of the Qatar airports while innocently carrying a Mexican shirt in his hand.

However, as he approached the camera, he shifted his national team jersey slightly to show that he was concealing a bottle of alcohol.


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Although the audiovisual that had the description: “Trafficking Alcohol to Qatar” lasted just 25 seconds, the video quickly reached over 400,000 views.

Given this, users of social networks were upset with the Mexicans who carried out this action, arguing that they left the country in a bad light.

“The first arrested in the World Cup”. “And the guys record the evidence with their face and in their own profile.” “That World Cup crap hasn't started yet and they're already breaking the rules jsjs calm down countrymen.” “When they tell you not to do it, the more you do it”, are some of the mentions that appeared.

Despite the comments from Internet users, the fan who posted the TikTok He was not intimidated and in other clips he added: “A mezcalito also came out” and “For those fearful of the Qatari law, there is also tequila here, but pure José Cuervo”.


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Is alcohol banned in Qatar 2022?

According to The New York Times, < /i>Qatar is a country where alcohol consumption is highly restricted and it can hardly be consumed in some hotels in Doha. During the World Cup this regulation has been relaxed, but it is still not possible to buy alcohol in supermarkets, in addition to its high prices, with a liter of beer above 15 dollars.

In order to face the tournament, hotels, 'fan zones' and stadiums have set up 'happy hour' and the sale of alcohol, albeit with restrictions, so people can't buy more than two beers at a time.

Consuming alcohol is legal for non-Muslims over 21, but it's something that's strictly regulated on the streets of the country.

Mexicans brought alcohol into Qatar despite to restrictions

Beer for sale at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. The Qatari authorities decided this week that this year only non-alcoholic products will be allowed. Credit…Carl Recine/Reuters

It is forbidden to carry alcohol in luggage, even if purchased duty free”. Residents can purchase in a store authorized in this regard, but not visitors. Visitors can drink in most international hotels, where a beer or a glass of wine can cost around ten dollars and a cocktail more than fifteen.

In addition, on the morning of November 18, FIFA confirmed through its social networks the ban on the sale of beer in stadiums during the World Cup.

“After the conversations held Between the authorities of the organizing country and FIFA, the decision has been made to focus the sale of alcoholic beverages on the FIFA Fan Festival, other meeting places for fans and the premises that have license to do so, and to remove beer outlets from the perimeter of the stadiums for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022″, they posted on the website.

(With information from AFP and EFE)