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Feminine metallurgy

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The Bécancour Smelter has seven new employees specializing in metallurgy.

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Stéphanie B. Martel has chosen to completely reorient her career. After ten years in animal health, she turned to a traditionally male sector, metallurgy.

The 33-year-old woman from the south shore of Trois-Rivières is part of the first all-female cohort of short-term paid professional training in production equipment operation, which concluded with an internship at the Bécancour Aluminerie ( ABI).

Last winter, I had a stable job for the past 13 years in the veterinary field, says Stéphanie B. Martel. I felt like I was stagnating a bit. The famous question “am I making a career change?” then came.

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Stéphanie B. Martel chose metallurgy to redirect her professional life.

During her questions, the possibility arose of turning to metallurgy, in a new program, alongside around fifteen participants.

I decided to join the group of women exclusively for a basic course in metallurgy, a field which is totally different from the veterinary field, she notes. This is an interesting area. There are so many things that are made of aluminum: phones, car parts, cans we drink from. It's a fairly simple process that allows you to do great things.

Stéphanie is one of seven women to have landed a job to join the ranks of the ABI at the end of the training, which aims to attract more women to the sector. Female workers currently make up only 8% of the workforce in the field.

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ELSE ON INFO: No respite in Quebec emergencies< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">It is always a challenge to integrate the female workforce into the metallurgy field, because it is traditionally male-dominated, recognizes ABI communications advisor Irina Gato. But the importance of diversity in this environment is also proven.

Eugénie Larente's report

To increase the female presence in metallurgy , the Bécancour Aluminum Smelter has set bold targets: that 20% of employees recruited annually are women. A difficult goal to achieve, but not impossible, believes Irina Gato.

The Quebec Metallurgy Sectoral Workforce Committee (CSMO-Métallurgie) oversees the program, in collaboration with the ABI. A grant from the provincial government provides remuneration to women who choose to make the leap.

This financial incentive has greatly contributed to facilitating the change in career of Stéphanie B. Martel.

If it hadn't been for the grant to allow us to do this test, I wouldn't have been able to do it. The theoretical course was paid, my internship this summer was paid and then I was hired as a full-time employee.

A quote from Stéphanie B. Martel

The Le Pont women's employment center supported the participants throughout the program. In the eyes of its general director, Annie Brassard, support work is essential. We are really concerned about the integration of women, both in traditional and non-traditional environments, she specifies from the outset. However, in non-traditional environments, there are still issues that are really very important, such as the retention of female workers.

For the Bécancour Aluminum Smelter, the results of this new training are very positive. When the workers arrived here, they already had a good background after training, says Irina Gato. And we noticed that they had a spirit of mutual aid.

The training of production equipment operators will be back and the recruitment of the second cohort is underway. Le Pont will once again accompany the participants throughout the program.

With information from Eugénie Larente

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