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Proc&egrave ;s Metallic: deliberations have begun

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The legal proceedings took place in English at New Carlisle courthouse, more than two and a half years after the events. (Archive photo)

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The murder trial in the second degree and manslaughter of Brandon Metallic begins a final stretch at the New Carlisle courthouse. The jury called to render a verdict in this case retired to deliberate Tuesday afternoon.

Deliberations were able to begin around 2 p.m. 30 Tuesday afternoon.

While 14 people had been selected on January 16, two excess jurors, who were supposed to be able to replace if necessary, were excluded from the deliberation by drawing lots.

While the entire jury attended the entire trial, six men and six women will have to establish whether the accused is guilty of the two counts against him, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Judge Guy De Blois told the jurors that a two-hour deadline will be respected once they have reached a verdict in order to allow time for the families of the two victims to come to the courthouse to attend his announcement.

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Brandon Metallic is accused of the involuntary homicide of a young girl and the second degree murder of a man in his twenties, following events that occurred in the territory of the Mi'gmaw community of Listuguj on May 15, 2021. The identity of the two victims is subject to an order of non-publication.

The magistrate presented his final instructions to the jury before it was segregated. Tuesday morning, Judge De Blois first asked the jurors to consider only the evidence presented at trial, taking care to detect as well as rule out their personal and unconscious biases.

The magistrate reminded the jury that he was the judge of the facts which were reported during the hearings and that he must stick exclusively to these.

You decide, not me, what will happen in this file.

A quote from Guy De Blois, judge of the Superior Court

Judge De Blois asked the jury not to consider what may have been reported in traditional media or social media and not to be influenced by public opinion, sympathy, fear or possible prejudices.

He also recalled that the jurors had to come to a unanimous verdict. To do this, the jury must question and establish whether the accused intentionally killed the adult victim and whether his negligent use of a firearm contributed significantly to the death of the little girl.

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Brandon Metallic has been on trial before a judge and jury since January 16, 2024 at the New Carlisle courthouse. Five weeks were planned, but the procedures were ultimately shortened. (Archive photo)

The Superior Court judge also recalled that Brandon Metallic was innocent until proven guilty and that x27;he did not have to prove his innocence. It is rather the prosecution which is responsible for proving the guilt of the accused, clarified Guy De Blois.

Brandon Metallic did not wish to take an active part in the hearings on Tuesday. As has been the case many times in the past, he was present in his cell at the New Carlisle Detention Center, where he could virtually see and hear what was happening in court. He got up at some point Tuesday morning, but remained in bed, motionless, the rest of the time.

On Monday, the Crown presented a one-hour plea to convince the jury of Brandon Metallic's guilt. The accused, who was not present in court, did not wish to present a plea.

In total, 22 witnesses were called to the stand before the prosecution declared its case closed.

The accused, who represents himself, has waived all defense. He chose not to present a witness or testify.

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