Lionel Messi's masterclass delights the football world, the Polish press pessimistic about the Blues and England wants to break the curse of Euro 2021, find in your Foot press review Mercato the latest information from the European sports press.

The historic night of Messi goes around the world, Poland has already prepared its defeat against France

  • < img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/the-historic-night-of-messi-goes-around-the-world-poland-has-already-prepared- sa-défaite-contre-la-france-d73d648.jpg" alt="The historic night of Messi goes around the world, Poland has already prepared its defeat against France" />< /p>Argentina 2 – 1

    Messi's historic night goes around the world, Poland has already prepared its defeat. made against France


    • L. Messi 35'
    • J. Álvarez 57'
    • E. Fernández 77' (csc.)

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King Messi

Argentina respected their status as favorites against Australia yesterday in winning 2-1 and thus validating his ticket for the quarter-finals of the World Cup. A qualification that made headlines across the country. For the Voz, this team is “the heart of football”, well, especially Leo Messi. La Pulga had a historic match yesterday as the national media El Dia reminds us. His thousandth game as a professional was celebrated in the best possible way, with a decisive goal. It's not just in Argentina that Messi's XXL performance is causing the buzz. This morning the English of the Daily Mirror nicknamed him the “grand master”, with “a magical moment of which only he has the secret”. But it is especially in Spain that he makes the most headlines, La Roja is completely relegated to the background. This “Uninhibited Messi” can also be found in the Corriere Dello Sport. Italian journalists thank him for everything he brings to football. The same goes for the Brazilian daily Estado de Sao Paulo and the team, which speaks above all of the recognition of the Argentine people.

Goalkeeper duel between France and Poland

Polish magazines for pessimists at the idea of ​​facing the French team this Sunday at 4 p.m. For the Super express, what awaits Poland is “the most important match in the history of the selection”. Even if, according to Polish journalists, the federation has already booked the plane to leave Qatar after the match. For Przeglad Sportowy, “all hopes rest on Szczesny”. The key players in the match are the goalkeepers, as the daily newspaper sums it up. Even in England the guardians of this shock are at the heart of the debates. For the Mirror, it is Lloris who will win the duel from a distance and will sicken Lewandowski.

England and the curse of Euro 2021

< p>England's defeat on penalties against Italy in the final is still on everyone's mind. Facing Senegal tonight, the selection of the Three Lions has prepared for this possible scenario. Coach Gareth Southgate, aware that the game could end in a penalty shootout, supports Jordan Pickford to be the savior of the country. Then we remember the last penalties from Rashford and Saka, in the Euro final, it was a disaster, and now they are ready. Obviously, the English hope to make the difference before and count on the serial scorer Harry Kane who promised that he would make a big game. 'I'm going to take my chains off,' he told the Daily Telegraph. The Lions of Senegal are warned.


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