Message in a bottle arrives three years later after traveling across the Atlantic

September 13, 2021 by archyde

Message in the bottle
After three years: A young person receives an answer to a message in a bottle – from the other side of the Atlantic

The message in a bottle made an incredible journey across the Atlantic

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Message in a bottle arrives three years later after traveling across the Atlantic

by Emily Linow
10.09.2021, 4:58 pm

It took almost three years for a teenage boy from the United States to get a reply to his message in a bottle. And then this answer comes from the other side of the Atlantic, because that’s where the message in the bottle has drifted: to the Azores.

After a journey of almost three years and about 4,820 kilometers, a message in a bottle from the USA was found in the Azores. The Azores are 1369 kilometers west of mainland Europe. Still, they belong to Portugal.

Christian Santos discovered the bottle in the mid-Atlantic during a fishing trip with his cousin. As he told the Boston Glove newspaper, he often collects trash while diving in the shallow ocean waters. The 17-year-old later showed the message in a bottle that he found this time to his mother. According to media reports, Molly Santos told her son that the news came from near Massachusetts. Christian was born there before the family moved to the Azores. Curiously, they followed the instructions in the bottle.

One of many bottles from 2018

“It’s Thanksgiving. I’m 13 and visiting my family in Rhode Island. I’m from Vermont,” said the message from the bottle. However, the email that Molly and Christian Santos sent to the address provided went unanswered.

It was no wonder that there was no answer: the sender of the bottle was Sean Smith. According to media reports, the now 16-year-old had thrown several bottles into the sea with his relatives on vacation in Rhode Island in 2018. He told CBS News, “A few of the bottles were found shortly afterwards, but then, two and a half years later, I completely forgot that we had even done it.”

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