Merezhi showed a new VW Tiguan

Merezhi showed a new VW Tiguan

The car, having finished the “licking” design, is matched with its front.

One of the most popular German crossovers Volkswagen Tiguan, lit up without camouflage and in serial body. The car was on tests and earlier, but then the photospiguns were not able to reveal the identity of the car, to see the situation.

New VW Tiguan was shown at Merezhi

I can see the fact that the car, having become bigger, is similar to its standard version, although it is clear that the Allspace body option caught the eye of the photographers. So for the time being it’s impossible that there will be two bodies in the next generation of cars, which will combine them into one great one. In addition, the door handles in the car are slightly lowered, lower on the front. Even after the classics, the car won false linings for the exhaust system. Of the features of the exterior, it also falls into the vіchі to make a wide windshield.

the car was redesigned even more and one of the main accents in the cabin is now broken up on the majestic touch screen of the advanced information system. You can assume that through the great screen of the car, there are fewer physical buttons.