Mercedes repainted the car, “Formula 1” protest against racism

Its a bold step the team “Silver arrows” of Mercedes is determined to eradicate racism from the sport

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Mercedes перекрасил болиды "Формулы-1" протестуя против расизма

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The command “Formulas-1” Mercedes (Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One) has announced that their cars will get a black livery for the season 2020. His coloring Champions of the “act against racism and all forms of discrimination”. The team’s pilots Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will be wearing all black jumpsuits, as opposed to their normal white color, according to CNN.

Mercedes has traditionally acted in the signature silver color throughout all the seasons of “Formula-1”. In 2020, the team will switch to black mark “against racism” on both halo racing cars. Thus the German team said he supported the movement Black Lives Matter, attracting the attention of society against racism and all forms of discrimination.

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“In our society, our sport or our team has no place for racism and discrimination is a core belief in the Mercedes. Correct belief and correct thinking is not enough if we are silent,” – said the head of the team Toto Wolff.

Mercedes перекрасил болиды "Формулы-1" протестуя против расизма

Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One 2020

We want to use our voice and our global platform to advocate for respect and equality, so the “Silver arrow” (“Silberpfeil”) will listazasa black color throughout the season 2020, in order to demonstrate our commitment to greater diversity in our team and our sport.

Mercedes said that only 3% of their employees identified as belonging to ethnic minorities in that time, only 12% are women. Six-time Champions have declared their intention to resolve this discrepancy by using “affirmative action” and stated that “it will be irreversible.”

This was a bold move occurred just a few days after the former head of “Formula-1” 89-year-old Bernie Ecclestone made a scandalous statement: “Black people are more racist than white”.

Therefore, in the next few months for 2020 will be created by the task force is composed of representatives of teams and drivers, as well as experts on racial diversity outside of sports. In addition to assisting the future pilots, the promising, the scheme will also aim to help individuals from underrepresented groups to access a career in the “Formula 1”.

We will remind that earlier the driver was not holding a multi-ton truck on the highway and cause an accident. Also recently, a beauty tattooed left Motorsport for a career in porn.

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